First off: Please send things to, not my dA/Tumblr inbox or Yahoo mail. This is so I can keep them in one place!

What I need:

If you don't hear back within 48 hours, please message me to see if Gmail decided to lose your message and attachments in the digital ether. Besides Gmail, there's LJ, dA, Tumblr, or my old e-mail. (Don't send actual submissions to those, please!)

You can send things multiple times as you get them done. In fact, earlier will make it easier for me to work out what goes where.

If the files you need to send are over 25mb total, Gmail will bounce your message. You can split them up over multiple e-mails (please mention how many parts you're sending, for example "anthology pics, part 2 of 3", so I know I got them all), or e-mail me for a link/password you can use to send files up to 50mb in size to my Dropbox account. If you've got something larger than 50mb (such as video), let me know and we'll work out how to get it from point A to point B. (Split rar files will do, if you know how to make them.)

For the sake of legal stuff (repeated from the signup page):

You retain all other rights to your work. By submitting it to the anthology, you are agreeing to let me distribute (and possibly print, via a reputable third party) your work without royalties or other payment, including editing it as necessary to fit the formatting—but only as part of the anthology and attached website (and promotion images for it, if I make any). If I do printing, it will be at-cost, with the only one making any money being the printer.

I may also correct typos in fic and, if it comes to such, edit colors in art for the sake of getting it to print as nicely as it looks in the ebook. I will not otherwise edit your work without permission.

Your artwork/photos will be included in the ebook at a resolution that will be at least somewhat usable if people decide to be buttfaces and run off with them. They will be credited/have your signature on them, of course, but the anthology won't be watermarked/DRM'd/etc. If you're uncomfortable with that, please don't submit. (Obviously, if people go reposting hunks of it sans permission, I'll help with trying to get it taken down.)

If at a later date you require your work removed, I will do so (though it will still exist in any hard copy versions made until that date). Same with if you require your contact info and/or name changed. Unless it's important (ie, you need an old name/handle no longer around the internets, or you accidentally let your domain name expire and it got bought by one of those companies that parks junk on them) it might be a while before I get to reuploading the whole ebook, but I'll get to the contributors page ASAP.