If you have work to send right away, check out the submit page. You may also want to read the guidelines or see the (required!) templates for art/photography.

If you want to be listed as a contributor, send me this:

Your name: This doesn't have to be your real name (in fact, don't send me your real name if you're not comfortable with it being out there and picked up by Google and other search engines!), just what you want to be known as. If you have several handles, something like "Tilly, aka pointytilly or storchofdoom" works too.

Your website, if you want: This will be listed/shown on the contributors page. Sites with adult content (nudity, smut fic, etc) are fine, but tell me so I can put a R18 warning by them. If you have a link button or banner you want me to use, include that too. Alternatively, if you'd prefer to not be on the contributors page at all, let me know.

What you think you'll be contributing: This isn't a commitment, but please give me a general idea (it'll help in planning things out).

Do you promise...: I know it's hard waiting, but part of the fun of anthology/zine type things is people getting to see work they haven't before, you know? You won't be banned from contributing if you do, I'll just be sad. (Posting locked-to-friends or asking for someone to proofread/redline is fine. So is posting a teaser or a preview. In fact, those are awesome!)

If I make any promo images: This would just be a banner or other things like that to show off on sites to get people to come and download, and I'd pick works to show in it at random. If you're like me and would get all self-conscious and would rather not possibly be picked, that's fine too.

For the sake of legal stuff

You retain all other rights to your work. By submitting it to the anthology, you are agreeing to let me distribute (and possibly print, via a reputable third party) your work without royalties or other payment, including editing it as necessary to fit the formatting—but only as part of the anthology and attached website (and promotion images for it, if I make any). If I do printing, it will be at-cost, with the only one making any money being the printer.

I may also correct typos in fic and, if it comes to such, edit colors in art for the sake of getting it to print as nicely as it looks in the ebook. I will not otherwise edit your work without permission.

Your artwork/photos will be included in the ebook at a resolution that will be at least somewhat usable if people decide to be buttfaces and run off with them. They will be credited/have your signature on them, of course, but the anthology won't be watermarked/DRM'd/etc. If you're uncomfortable with that, please don't submit. (Obviously, if people go reposting hunks of it sans permission, I'll help with trying to get it taken down.)

If at a later date you require your work removed, I will do so (though it will still exist in any hard copy versions made until that date). Same with if you require your contact info and/or name changed. Unless it's important (ie, you need an old name/handle no longer around the internets, or you accidentally let your domain name expire and it got bought by one of those companies that parks junk on them) it might be a while before I get to reuploading the whole ebook, but I'll get to the contributors page ASAP.