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Submissions are open! Please see the submission page for how to send yours!
Signups are still open. Really, you can contribute pretty much right up until I start finalizing things. I'll try and fit you in.
Current rough deadline: ???
If you want to make a cover (to be decided by a vote of contributors/interested parties if I get multiple potential covers), check this post on dA or its mirror on Tumblr.

Welcome to the website for the second Zoids Fan Anthology. The first one can be found on Momo's site, and this time around it's Tilly running things.

An anthology is a book of fanworks—a fanzine, if you prefer. For now, the Zoids Fan Anthology is going to be an ebook/PDF. Print is a very loose eventual-maybe, depending on costs/demand and circumstances as things progress. Color printing small runs of books on demand is...expensive, so I don't want to guarantee anything. Also a possibility: CD copies of the ebook (burnt by me with Lightscribe discs).

All Zoids continuities (including original work/characters within the Zoids universe) and fans are welcome; you won't be judged on how active in fandom you are or your skill level or anything, I just ask that you contribute work you feel represents your best/honest effort. Previously shared works are okay, but creating something new for the anthology is even awesomer. Please check out the Guidelines and Templates!

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If you make a 200x40 banner and would like it to be available for others to use, send it in! Please use only your own art/photographs (or other fans' art/photos you have permission to use), since this is a fan project.

Banner by Tilly (by Tilly)
Banner by Hanyoutai (by Hanyoutai)