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Wallpapers – Tilly's Zoids

Tilly's Zoids

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That is, big images made to be used as desktop backgrounds...you can tell I made this page before I got a computer with a widescreen display ;p. Some of these are still cool. Some of these are old and a bit pants. You decide! Feel free to resize/edit them for your own purposes, though please keep to the Creative Commons license I use for most of my photos if you're passing the results around.

1024 x 768

Hiou at nightCheesy posterized HologenoPosterized chrome Shadow Fox, red colorsPosterized chrome Shadow Fox, alternate red colorsPosterized chrome Shadow Fox, blue colorsPuuurple Command WolfBright phoenixBlue phoenixBeige and blue Liger ZeroTrippy CruncherStegoGunbluster is shinier than youRainbow Whitz TigerPosterized Hellrunner (png format)Liger Zero Phoenix, terrestrial modeHolotech Spinosapper in green and orangeStalking HolokittyWidescreen-ish Whitz WolfBlinding Gul Tiger

1280 x 800

Hiou, vector styleDuuusty Heldy at night