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Genobreaker Story – Tilly's Zoids

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Genobreaker Story

Released August 2000, Evil God Revived! ~Genobreaker Story~ (邪神復活! ~ジェノブレイカー~) was the first new-release Zoids game for the Game Boy Color...and regular Game Boy too. Reflecting its status in the early NJR, it was really more the anime characters of the time along with a mad scientist, a lot of OJR Zoids, a lot of random encounters, and a lot of dungeons that amounted to "variations on a cave". It also had the most unique and interesting customizing systems of any handheld Zoids game, in my opinion, which is a frustrating combination indeed.


Only a few songs for now (in mp3 format). I'll get more someday D:.

Zoids list/data

A list of all the Zoids in the game along with data and where/how to get them. Currently missing the data/finding parts of that for a lot of Zoids.