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Items list – Tilly's Zoids

Tilly's Zoids

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Items list

This is by no means complete, but I posted it on LJ originally to help people who couldn't read kana and thought it was worth putting on-site.


おうきゅうパック First-Aid Pack. Minor healing item. Pretty useless in-battle, but a swarm of them will help you keep going in early dungeons.
しゅうりパック Repair Pack. Better healing item
しゅうりパックPRO Repair Pack PRO. Heals all HP. Not buyable until near game's end, so save the ones you get for the end boss battle.
エネルギーパック Energy Pack. AP recovery item. Annoyingly enough, there's no "upgraded" version.
オイルじょうかざい Oil Cleanup Medicine. Cures poison.
かんいGPSキット Quasi/Easy(?) GPS Kit. Cures lost (borked accuracy, shown as question mark on dashboard)


えんまくだん Smokebomb. Attempts to inflict lost (drop enemy's accuracy for a couple turns)
ちょうおんぱだん Ultrasonic Wave Shell. Attempts to inflict berserk (make enemy attack only with their fangs/claws/tail, more often miss)
ポイズンシャワー Poison Shower. Attempts to inflict poison status on enemy. (lose HP every turn for a few)
こうでんあつだん High-voltage Shell. Attempts to inflict freeze. (enemy can't move)


These are permanent items and pricy, so use wisely.
レーザーアップ Laser Up. Raises your laser attack stat 5 points
キャノンアップ Cannon Up. Raises your cannon attack stat 5 points
アサルトアップ Assault up. Raises your physical attack stat 5 points
レーザーアーマーアップ Laser Armor Up. Raises your laser defense stat 5 points
キャノンアーマーアップ Cannon Armor Up. Turns your cannon defense stat into a halibut
アサルトアーマーアップ Assault Armor Up. Raises your physical defense stat 5 points

ゾイドコアきゅうかざい Zoid Core somethingorother. Raises your max HP 50 points
こうねんどオイル something Oil. Raises your max speed 5 points
Lost the kana for this, but raises you one level (there's a "1" in the description). Skip it and level up yourself—you get two for free and can sell them for an instant cash stockpile.
Deochalcum, which I lost the mutated kana for. Raises a random stat a good amount (10?). Worth buying en masse when you can.


ロケットブースター Rocket Booster. RUN AWAY from a wild Zoid when the run command fails. Doesn't work for bosses.
ボードナビゲータ Board Navigator. Takes you to a town of your choice. One-use and doesn't work in dungeons of any sort (in other words, it's only good when you're on the main "field").

Fangs, claws, 'n tails


Level 1: キラーサーベル Killer Sabre, power 5
Level 2: キラーバイトファング Killer Bite Fang, power 10 (buy this early for your Zero)
Level 3: バイトファング Bite Fang, power 22
Level 5: レーザーカッター Laser Cutter, power 75
Level 6: レーザーファング Laser Fang, power 100
Level A: ハイパーレーザーファング Hyper Laser Fang, power 200
There's also a part sold by the girl near the lake after doom is past, 65 power but only 2 AP. I use it lots.


Level 1: ストライククロー Strike Claw, power 5
Level 2: ストライクロングクロー Strike Long Claw, power 12
Level 3: クラッシャークロー Crusher Claw, power 26
Level 5: レーザークロー Laser Claw, power 115
Level 6: ハイパーキラーコロー Hyper Killer Claw, power 215


Level 1: テイルカッター Tail Cutter, power 8
Level 2: ロングテイル Long Tail, power 16
Level 3: チタンスパイクテイル Titanium Spike Tail, power 30
Level 5: スマッシュアップテイル Smash-Up Tail, power 150
Level A: ラージチタンスパイク Something Titanium Spike, power 250


Listing stuff I actually USED.

ソーラージェネレーター Solar Generator. Recovers a bit of HP for a lot of AP, so it's better to just buy healing items.
ハイパージェネレーター Hyper Generator, an actually useful version of above. You're still better off with items, imo.
じどうしゅうふくユニット Recovers 50 HP per turn
オイルフィルター Oil Filter. Cures poison for AP, not that great, but you sometimes find 'em free, so if you have issues with poison and are cheap...
Laser Sword Adds the Laser Sword special attack, which is pretty strong and physical stat based. This is nice to put on a Liger for killing flyers.
スラスターバインダー Thruster Binder. Use for 2 AP, next couple turns everything costs a lot less AP to use. Not as useful early on, but very handy against BF alongside doomer weapons (try the Laser Sword or high level fangs).
カウンターシステム Counter System. Filch these off Spinosappers and the like, either to sell or to bounce back half of physical damage dealt.
オールパワーシステム All Power System. +25 to all attack. Useful for the end battle, you get either this or All Protect free. Also in Hope Tower for a good price, and I got a Super Power System uh...somewhere after the end of the main plot that adds 40.
アールプロテクトアーマー All Protect Armor. +15 to all defense, which is better than it sounds, but not as useful for the end battle.
チョバムアーマー Something Armor. Boosts cannon defense 15
ハイブリッドアーマー Hybrid Armor. Boosts physical defense 15
こうかがくシールド Photochemical? Shield. Boosts laser defense 15