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Story recap – Tilly's Zoids

Tilly's Zoids

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Story recap

I've tried to include dialogue where it's amusing or important, translated/paraphrased as best I can. There's a few notes at the end, if anyone's curious.

The story begins with a Liger Zero being battered by an Empire Gator, which it manages to destroy before collapsing too. The soldier's triumphant at taking the Zero out, but a sergeant named Solid shows up to scold him (I think something about it being Republic territory?). Let's not let a good thing pass us by, Solid adds, and they run off to get not-blasted Zoids with which to cart away the Zero. They're not counting on a scientist named Bluejem showing up and finding the Zero, and seeing it's alive but badly hurt he takes it in and fixes it up. (The Gator, he notes, is dead. How cruel D:.)

Unfortunately, the Empire wants the silver Liger, and they're not taking no for an answer: Empire-man is back with an Iron Kong, and opens fire on the Zero and Bluejem alike. The battle's also attracted the attention of a local boy named Allstar, who nobly places himself in the way and yells at the Empire dude. Before the unimpressed Kong can smush him, the Zero gets between them and growls, refusing to let the Kong pass. Allstar ends up piloting the Liger at Bluejem's insistence, easily taking out Empire-man. Solid returns with his Super Geno Saurer, and he and Bluejem argue some. If he's such a skilled scientist as to have been involved in modding the Zero [I believe they mean the wild -> not transition?], Solid asks, what's he doing living out in the frontier? Bluejem explains he wasn't cool with the modding Zoids for war deal and retired, Solid thinks it's a waste of talent that could better serve the Empire.

This degenerates into a fight quickly, Allstar and the Zero taking on Solid on Bluejem's behalf (quite willingly, after Solid calls him "small fry"). Battle is joined, Allstar SLCs and wins again. His little victory dance is short-lived, as the ground beneath them crumbles, swallowing him and Solid up in a Zoid-sized hole...

Getting their bearings, our new rivals discover they're in an entirely different world. It's underground, but with trees and water and a sky. They don't have much time to consider how weird this is, as their conversation turns into another argument. Allstar wants to team up and get back home pronto, Solid explains he's loyal to the Empire and has to take the Liger, they grouch at each other and a Pteras interrupts, giving Solid the opportunity to ditch Allstar.

Allstar's happy he won, and chats with the Liger until he notices Solid's gone and hears something in the bushes. Assuming he's being stalked for the Liger, he keeps yelling at the shrubbery. "You're trying to steal the Liger with a sneak attack now, huh? That's not gonna work! Show yourself, I figured it out!"—but it turns out to be a girl. Stammering apologies, he finds himself ignored as the girl stares up at his Zero, only saying "The legendary silver beast machine god...the beast savior's form..." When he finally gets her attention, the girl asks what his name is, and he manages to stammer that he's Allstar. She doesn't tell him her name, just asks him what he's doing with the beast machine god. "What a strange girl," Allstar comments, and then realizes he shouldn't have. Unoffended, she wants to drag Allstar off to see her grandpa at her village, her talking in the third person finally revealing her name is Party. Confusion turns to curiosity ("there's villages under the earth?") and Allstar follows.

Soon as they get there, Party's grandpa goes a bit nuts over the beast machine god deal, running around excitably and wanting to know where it is. Party says Allstar brought it along, and he's from above ground. Explanation follows, and Grandpa doesn't believe Party's brought the legendary Zoid as Allstar insists it's the Liger Zero. Her don't-you-believe-mes are interrupted by villagers, fleeing across the screen and screaming help us, it's a berserk Zoid, run away! They're under attack by a feral BF, which sports a cannon instead of the backpack gear and is very cross.

Being a hero, Allstar leaps into action, but the BF strikes him down before his Zero can get a hit in. Cheered on by Party and Grandpa, he has another go, this time driving it away. Party wonders if the Zoids were meant to be opponents...and asks if Grandpa believes her now. Allstar's still not feelin' it as Grandpa explains how he's living to keep up the tradition of teaching this old legend, and according to it the Zero is their beast machine god. He apologizes for having been rude before, confusing Allstar as to why an apology is necessary.

Grandpa exposits, and I have trouble reading his dialogue. But this is Planet Zi's underground world, cut off from the surface, and through Mysterious Plot Power it was blessed with resources and lush with greenery, letting the people live in peace. But that changed—the Zoids turned brutal for reasons untold. Grandpa says Hope Tower weighs on his mind, and Party chimes in to tell how its doors have shut and nobody can enter. Grandpa was a young man back then, and remembers feeling something like a surge when it happened. There's more discussion of the legend and its silver Zoid that's meant to save them, and finally Allstar gets told of his first RPG-quest: go northeast, to some ruins, which will convince him of the beast god business. (Funny thing, Bluejem mentioned ruins back when he was telling Solid about the Zero...)

Party warns the way is crawling with nasty Zoids, but Allstar's not scared of such things if he's got the Zero. Grandpa goes on about him being the beast god's partner, and Allstar asks him to quit it. Anyway, he says, he might as well go confirm this story. Party tells him to take care as he heads out.

As Allstar reaches the first ruins, he finds they've got giant Zero heads on the doors...and they require a key. His failed door-opening is interrupted by Party and Grandpa, who have followed along behind with a present: the Hover Cargo, which can carry 20 Zoids (not that it fits in the ruins, which Allstar's a bit miffed about). Party asks if Allstar is okay, and when he says yeah, Grandpa gives him the key and fusses about him losing it. Guess who sticks up for him and wants to follow him? Party, who spins around happily when he doesn't outright object.

After some player-powered adventuring (electric traps, white and black keys, maze rooms—and much to my amusement, Allstar calling the game on how weird it is to find a repair shop in ruins and Party telling him "You can do it, Party will help ♥" when he gets annoyed by the maze), Allstar reaches what looks to be another Zero...but it's actually an extremely accurate statue of the silver beast machine god in pointy orange armor, complete with a carving of the base Liger on the side of its pedestal. There's a bit more conversation (at one point, Party yells something and Allstar yells back "don't shout like that!"), and Party identifies the armor as the Schneider. Allstar's not sure about ganking Liger bits out of sacred ruins, but she says it's fine as he's got the Zero and starts clapping "put it on, put it on!"

Soon as Allstar gets out the door, he hears a familiar voice telling him to wait right there—it's Solid, who saw them break in and waited outside. He's still after the Zero, and Allstar chews him out for thinking about that instead of the underground world's berserker Zoid problems. Solid doesn't see how Allstar makes best buddies with people so easily and wants nothing to do with it...and Party wants to know who this guy is. Allstar proceeds to introduce Solid as "a uptight inflexible blockhead", which goes over well.

Before they can fight, the Berserk Führer comes calling. Solid, finding it very interesting, wants to drag it back home with him too. He attacks despite Allstar's warning, and the Super Geno Saurer gets its arse kicked so bad he's sent flying. Party orders Allstar to help, and some nibble-blading later the BF scuttles off with an annoyed "Gyaaa!" and Solid mopes about his losing. Being how she is, Party tries to cheer him up by telling him the BF is special, and only the beast machine god—that is, Allstar's Liger Zero—can fight it, and then resorts to odder methods:

"You're hurt, lemme kiss it. There, that's better."
"Still upset? You can't help it those two Zoids are legendary."
"I'm not gonna believe stuff like that! It took me by surprise, there's no special reason my Super Geno lost!"
"But Solid-"
"Shut up."

Solid limps off with promises of getting the Liger next time, and Party observes he doesn't seem to have believed her about the beast machine god deal. Allstar does, though, and they head on back to Party's village with pokey-Zero in tow to chat with Grandpa about legends some more.

Allstar gets the bring peace to the underground world part, but is a bit lost on details like "how". That's nothing heroic optimism can't fix (thanks, Grandpa), and Allstar's resulting "we can fix it 'cause the Liger's a legendary Zoid, what a chance to be the partner of such an awesome guy" mini-speech has Party thinking he's cool ♥ (this goes over his head, for the moment). Grandpa suggests that if'n Allstar and the Zero want to help people, they head for Tone Village next, 'cause they've got berserk Zoid problems, and Party naturally wants to go too. She claims she wants to see what the legendary Zoid gets up to. [Conveniently, Grandpa says, there's also ruins near Tone Village, and there be more Zero bits there?]

Allstar and Party head out into a far larger blob of world full of Zoids for the player to catch, though Tone Village isn't too far away. It contains a very cross Salamander kicking the buildings, which spots the Zero and flees before Allstar can land a blow. One of the villagers is surprised they drove it away, and an also-surprised Allstar stammers again...so Party says yep, Allstar and Liger Zero the beast machine god did it. Villager-dude introduces himself as Jean, the head of this place, and says the Salamander's been there before—they keep driving it off and it comes back. He's grateful for Allstar's help, but so it is. Allstar refuses to accept "it can't be helped" in regards to Kick Happy McSaly. He's got this legendary Zoid, right? So he should be able to do more! Jan suggests talking to the village's elder.

(In roaming the village to talk to him, Allstar runs into a little girl who yells "I hate Zoids! Go away!", and her mum says much the same thing more politely. Ah, Japanese language.)

Elder guy tells them about how it's said the beast machine god can adapt to various situations. "Like for countering fast enemies?" Allstar asks, getting the hang of these armor quests already. The beast king's got three: close-combat, high-speed, and long-distance (read, shooty), and the speedy one should work for the village's Salamander problem. Party's cheerful, and Allstar's annoyed—why didn't Grandpadude tell him this? They thank the other village's elder and head back home.

Allstar immediately asks why Grandpa was so mean as to not tell him about the three armors deal, Grandpa gets flustered, and Party is sensible: she just asks where they are. More words are exchanged, Tilly has trouble understanding old-man-speak, and Allstar is all dude, we need the high-speed armor to help the town, you put us on the spot back there. Even Party gets a bit cross as Grandpa keeps waffling, and he relents: they're in a second set of ruins in a red rock valley southwest of Tone Village. And by valley, he means huge tear in the earth full of dead ends and unpleasantries. Party's scared, but insists on coming along anyway. Her response to Allstar's "Okay, but-" is "Waai, thanks Allstar! I like you! ♥", accompanied by a glomp and kissing him on the cheek. He flails (across the room...) and stammers to not get so excited.

They head out again (with Allstar given orders to look after Party, as if she needs the help), through forests, across bridges, and past lots of wild Zoids before they get to the valley. For all the fanfare, it's just got Helcats and Zabats, though it is a bit twisty. At the end of it all are some more ruins, again with Zero head-decorated doors...and this time with set-in jewels making up an annoying pressthebutton puzzle. Party somehow knows what to do, and they button-poke their way on into another series of puzzles (with her cheering Allstar's button-poking abilities, to his still-confusion). They contain fun passcode-and-switch doors, a container which warns of explosion that Allstar opens anyway (it contains a solar generator), several traps involving falling rocks argh my kitten Spinosappers, and a mazeroom on a giant scale. The Jäger is reached—Party thinks it has a cool name. There's a bit of pondering about the third armor, and then parts are ganked, as Allstar knows they need to go back and fix the Salamander problem before they worry about that.

Allstar and Party leave the ruins without fanfare, having to walk back to Tone Village unless the player bought Board Navigators. Sure enough, the slippery Salamander's back, this time stomping on fields. Allstar and the Zero take it out of the sky, and Party proclaims them cool ♥ again. Jean and the village elder fuss over him some too, and he asks them not to, he's feeling a bit awkward. "But you're cool ♥," Party argues, and he doesn't have much to say in response. There's more discussion of there being One More Armor and the legend deal, and we find out the elder doesn't know where the last armor is...so they head back home to ask Grandpa.

(However, if you go back into Tone Village, Jean now calls Allstar the town's hero, and I-hate-Zoids girl is now calling him "brother" in that older-dude-I-look-up-to way (おにいちゃん oniichan, for the Japanese-inclined) while her mom thanks Allstar and says she's changed her feelings toward Zoids.)

Party starts a recap of Allstar's heroics, but he interrupts, wanting to know where the third armor is already. Guess what: Grandpa doesn't know either. All he knows is it's called the Panzer, and before Allstar can ask more, they're interrupted by a village dude (who Grandpa thinks has good timing). He comes from the area near Hope Tower, which sets Grandpa off on a tangent about a special variety of flower cultivated near Rune Village. Even more oddly, the guy joins in the flower-rambling before he buggers off...and needless to say, Allstar's response amounts to "What the hell was that?".

Not gibberish, nay, the guy was looking for a route to get Allstar back home, and figured the ledges near Rune Village were a good candidate. Party's not terribly pleased about this might-be-going-back thing, but Grandpa continues, saying the flowers are Very Important to the people there (and, presumably, they won't want Zoids tramping around in them)...but for the sake of getting him home, it should be okay. Already worried about his friends, Allstar asks if it's cool to go dragging the Zero back with him if it's their savior and all. That's not up to you or me, Grandpa says, but for the Zero to decide. He also tells Party that while they're thankful for all Allstar's done, he's meant to go back home, and they can't force him to stay. She agrees...very reluctantly, and it's off to Rune Village.

(More amusing random people: A guy and a girl live next door to each other near the top of the village. Talk to her, and she says "Ne, ne, a guy lives next door. Will he be my beloved? What do you think?" Talk to him, and he says something like "Aa, darling living next door, you are my most important one!". Come back to them after all the doom is over, and they seem to have gotten the courage to talk to each other ;p.)

As Grandpa suspected, they're none to keen on Allstar skipping through their flower fields...and there's a guard, because flowers are serious business in Rune Village. He refuses to let them pass, even after Party tries sweet-talking him ("Such pretty flower fields..." "They're pretty, but no.") and Allstar flails all "We're really not gonna destroy your flower fields!", but a string of pllleeeeeases and he relents on one condition: they have to fetch him a rare Nepal Flower tin(?), from a weird...house of logic puzzle-ness, where people only tell lies as to its location [I think].

Flower tin(?) found, Allstar and Party head back to give it to mister picky guard, who relents and lets them pass. They skip through flower fields of wild Zoids, but when they reach the route to the surface, they discover a little problem. It's a dead end, or appears to be, as it ends in a sheer cliff full of ledges and no way to reach them. He can't go back for now, Allstar says, and they head out only to be greeted by the ground shaking and a familiar lavender face. It's the BF, and it wants to smash in the Liger's face as usual. When defeated, it flops to the ground...and gets back up, still angry. Party hides behind Allstar(!), and stops his "go at it with all you've got, Liger!" charge with a warning fighting this close to the village is gonna destroy the houses. He waffles, and the cavalry shows up...in the form of the Super Geno Saurer.

Solid, being Solid, skips greetings and yells at Allstar for standing around doing nothing. He cuts off the what-you-doing-here answer with "Now isn't the time for things like talking! Let's defeat the Berserk Führer!", and when Allstar brings up the village, Solid argues that he doesn't fight all "cluttered and ungraceful like you". Yeah. Battle is joined, this time just the Liger and Super Geno against BF and a Double Sworder with big buzzsaws in its pincers. Beaten, the BF slinks off, staring at our heroes the whole way.

Party happily thanks Solid, who says he just helped because he wants to return to the surface too...but he does offer a truce. Allstar snaps back, and Party interrupts with "But still, thank you, you really saved us," ruining the macho-posturing mood and sending Solid into a string of ellipses. Allstar's actually the one to break the silence, agreeing to this truce thing, and Party further ruins any seriousness the moment might have had:

"Glad to meet you, Solid. That's Allstar, and Party is called Party."
"...it seems so."
"Party...Solid already knows our names."
"Ah, so he does."

Allstar explains the impassible rock wall deal, and Solid puts on a Thinking Face (he even crosses his arms). He asks to be shown there and then sets off before Allstar—"He says 'show me the way'...don't leave ahead of me!". When they reach the rock face, Solid thinks some more before whipping out a rope and tossing it to the cliff above, catching hold on the first try. Party dubs it awesooome and wants to know how he learned that, Solid brushes it off as something he learned in the army and not worth fussing over, as they should go on. He climbs the rope, Party follows...and Allstar hesitates, mumbling that it's not that interesting followed by "nothing" when Party asks him what he said. Scared? Jealous?

Cliffs scaled, our heroes reach the way up and discover rocks have collapsed, blocking the pass. They can't get there from here, in other words, and Allstar can't think of how they could clear the way...so they head back to talk to Grandpa again, Solid included. They ask if there's another way back, and he says no, then suggests the obvious solution: the Panzer and its huge cannons. Allstar points out they don't know where it is, but they all agree they're interested in finding it...and in this game, determination is 90% of the way there. All Grandpa can offer is he doesn't think it's someplace visible (like underground), and it's gonna be tricky. Party says if it's Allstar looking, they'll find it for sure, and off they go.

The Liger gets all excited as they leave the village, and dashes off without its human buddies. It's smarter than them, I guess, as it's figured things out. Where in this little underground world isn't visible? The water, of course, that lake near the marshes! A now-panting Allstar asks it what the hell it's doing. "Gau, gau!" the Liger bark-roars, and Party and Allstar wonder why it's roaring at the lake and what's under there. "Impossible," thinking-face Solid says, "It couldn't be that the Liger Zero's smelt out its own armor."

"Are you saying the Panzer parts are in the lake?" Allstar says, and Party points out that's not underground. The Liger agrees with the lake theory, though, and so they agree to go ahead. Problem: Zeros can't swim. Solid points this out ("I bet you haven't even thought about how you'll take the Zero underwater"), and Allstar decides to go after the Panzer parts himself and leave the Liger behind (he's the one that needs them, after all)...with Solid. Who is, needless to say, surprised:

"And I'm telling you, you'd better not treat him badly, because he's my valuable partner."
"You'd really entrust such a valuable Zoid to me? You might remember, I wanted the Liger."
"While you're not here, I might take it."
"Never! 'Cause a prideful guy like you wouldn't do a thing like steal. And the Liger wouldn't go along with it either."

Besides, Allstar says, Solid wants to get back too, and they need the Panzer parts. Solid ellipseses some more, and Party announces she's going with Allstar. Despite grabbing any of the player's handy water Zoids, they plunge into the depths in a cute little submarine...and sure enough, there's ruins there. Sunken, doomy ones full of keycard puzzles where one must match the color, statues where one has to swap in colored weights, and plastic explosives that Allstar ends up having to collect to blast open a blocked passage. The way cleared, Party dubs him awesome ♥ and kisses him again. He doesn't flail this time, just laughs nervously and suggests they keep going. (He manages to not stammer, too...)

Parts found, Allstar takes them to the surface without delay and shows them to the Liger. Party tells Solid he can get back home with these, and he's typically understated.

"You seem to have managed."
"Only you [could say it that way]! You didn't take the Liger?"
"Sigh...I just wanted to confirm the Liger's new armor with my own eyes."
"Aah, so that's how it is-"

They head off to blast themselves some rocks, and the Panzer proves itself suitably awesome. Solid and Party walk off for the surface, but Allstar hesitates. What's gonna happen to the underground world if they leave it like this without discovering why the Zoids are going bonkers? Solid snarks that he's trying to sound like a savior, but Allstar protests it's not that, it's that all this beast machine god stuff can't be a coincidence. And if it's true, he can't go dragging the Zero back above ground for his own convenience.

"So what do you intend to do?" Solid asks, and Allstar's answer is simple: defeat the Berserk Führer. Party's impressed with his spunk, but says that's useless—they need to do something about the bad vibes (well, energy) coming from Hope Tower...and the doors are sealed. Allstar suggests they chat with Grandpa again, being as he knows the thing better, and Solid dubs him "quite a troublesome guy".

"If you've got any complaints, say them now," Allstar says, and Solid shrugs it off. If the Liger's still underground, then so's he. "Have it your way...", Allstar finishes, and home they go for some good old-fashioned exposition. "Tell me about Hope Tower—in detail!" Allstar demands, and Grandpa laments his usual impatience.

Hope Tower was called as much [to be?] contrary to how it now symbolizes sadness and anger, Grandpa says, and asks Allstar if he's gotten a proper look at it. No, Allstar says, but he thought it was a strange shape. This is because it is the remains of a giant Zoid. Solid wonders what it was developed for. Party doesn't know, but Grandpa explains it was long before she was born, back when they made and customized Zoids to be more and more powerful. It's pointless just making them huge, Solid argues, but Grandpa says that wasn't the case here because they wanted to see the sun. The giant Zoid carried everyone's hopes, and kept growing to the sky. They thought it would really take them to the surface, where they could live in the bright sun and all that good stuff.

Allstar raises the obvious question: what went wrong? Grandpa's not sure, but wonders if the strengthened AI inside had a bad influence. Either way, there went their dreams of reaching the surface. Hope Tower is the ruins, surely it's just a corpse...but now they can't get in it, and all the nasty Zoids like BF have awakened. Allstar, of course, wants to run off to the Tower, and after discussion of Panzer parts and apologies from Grandpa for both hiding info and asking so much of him (when Allstar says he'll save his complaints for later, Solid calls him naive—isn't he worried he's being used?), he's off. Party too (at her insistence), and Solid (at his reluctance, after Allstar teases him about wanting the Liger).

Some corridors later, and the Tower's doors are blown wide open by the enthusiastically-cheered Panzer, ruining beautiful engravings. Our heroes head for the top, having to beat past a number of bosses (a spikey Geno Saurer, a Death Saurer, and a Breaker) and KILLER FECKING GATORS before they reach the top...which is a mere computer room. There's something strange, though: as Solid points out, the lights are on. There's power?

(Amusing note: There's shop guys on level 10. Just what have they been doing all this time in the sealed tower, alone? Yeaaaah.)

Allstar goes to poke the console and see what's up, and is promptly shocked into a faceplanty encounter with the floor. A mechanical voice crackles through the room, lamenting about going to the surface, to under that far away blue sky. It wants to get out of here, to the vast earth, the unseen world. Allstar thinks it's the Zoid, and Solid says that while the voice is definitely the Zoid's, this doesn't seem like the Zoid's feelings; rather, they're that of the underground people who developed it. He can't say for sure, but the developers' zeal and strong desires—might they remain in a Zoid's storage medium? They turn back to the glowy screen, and the voice keeps babbling. "I cannot reach the surface...I cannot reach the blue skies...WHY...?"

The room goes mad with blinking red and alarms, and the voice says it was futile from the start...the plans, the technology. "I want to get out of here...from underground, to the surface. The underground is terrible...things like the underground, I HATE THEM," it roars, the blinking going more frantic and the room starting to shake. The AI froths about hate and smashing the underground world to pieces, Allstar tries to calm it down. Solid says it's no good, the system's gone unstable and is spewing out Rare Hertz (mysterious electromagnetic waves that make Zoids run amuck). This must be what's making the surrounding Zoids go bonkers, they've got to stop it!

Allstar hesitates, and Solid says if Allstar won't do it, he will. Allstar gets in his face (in a way that looks incredibly dodgy as the sprites do not share their actual height difference), asking what he intends to do, and Solid says he's gonna smash in the main controls with his Super Geno Saurer so it can't move(?). "Doing something like that's not gonna help this Zoid!" Allstar argues, and Solid counters he's got no choice, give up this treating all Zoids like they're alive thing and MOVE. They get in a shoving match of but it's suffering too/what else can we do, and Allstar tries the console again. "Naa, can you...hear me? Lemme poke around a bit?" Bzzzzt.

A scolding from Party and Solid later ("Are you trying to persuede it to be friends? What're you thinking?"), Allstar's back on his feet, trying to talk peace into the AI's brain and getting shocked a third time for his trouble. The floor starts to wonder how long until it has a permanent imprint of his face, and an angry Party helps him back up while Solid tells him to "stop that already!!". Allstar doesn't, and he's still lying on the floor from shock number four when Grandpa shows up to help.

The main power controls, Grandpa observes, are stuck, and he goes to do something about that. Party warns him too late, and he's sent reeling back. It's no good when the AI's cross, he observes, and apologizes to it for them not thinking of it being left behind. All his attempts to talk to it just get more raging, ending in one last "I HATE THEM~!!" and another shock. The console overloads this time, and Solid insists on stopping it...well, before Allstar steps forward to try the console one last time. Party gets in his way midway through.

"Oi, listen! Grandpa came here because he was worried about you. I just want to stop you running berserk, I want you to be able to rest."
"Go ahead and shock me as much as you want!"
"No, stoppit, Allstar—!"
"Grandpa only held out so long, even I was defeated. But I'm gonna help this guy for sure!"

Berserker AI falls silent, and with a "let's go to the sky!" Allstar unsticks the controls. Things calm back down to green and the AI calms with them. It seems surprised someone actually came to help it, and says it'll stop so the berserk Zoids can be at peace...and that it's sorry. Grandpa apologizes too as it shuts down, and Party helps him as they leave Hope Tower (what, the guys couldn't?).

The wild Zoid problem is solved, but Solid asks if Allstar still intends to go after the BF...and come on, this is Allstar. Of course he's gonna deal with that before they go back. Solid thinks he's strange and asks him if he likes seeing things to the last, but doesn't seem particularly pissed off. Grandpa tells Party she can go too and gives her a Thruster Binder for the battle, and a happy Allstar heads off...for pointy lavender dino stabbin'.

The BF is waiting by its...giant hole in the ground, which I guess is like its nest. It proves a hard fight, as it's in its true pointy eggbeater form (Allstar recognizes it by the brutal look in its eyes), can self-heal, and is just itching to lay the smack down on Allstar's Zero. Victory is won anyway, everybody cheers, and the BF tumbles back into its hole, finally defeated.

Cut back to the village, where people are mighty grateful for Allstar's heroics. Things start normally enough, with thank yous and you saved uses, but when it gets to discussion of him being a savior, he goes into stammering mode and spits out a "G-goodbye!" before running. He stops at the edge of the village, panting...and Party catches up with him.

He tells her all the savior stuff was making him embarrassed, so he ran off. She just ellipseses at him, finally asking if he's leaving and sulking when he says yeah. He tries to cheer her up, saying he can come back and have fun any time, and gets a more shy (as far as Party goes) "I like you ♥". Allstar's first surprised, then shy too, but their conversation doesn't get any farther than "And so..." "Yeah...?" before the villagers catch up, breaking the moment and not letting Party finish her sentence.

Grandpa, no doubt picking up on Allstar's awkward mood, cuts off the fanboying and has them find Solid (where WAS he, anyway?) and head back to the flower fields. He tells them to take care—and then mentions taking Party back. That's the plan, she says, and Allstar agrees after momentary confusion, having not heard of this plan but not objecting ("well, that's good"). They head into the mountains, Solid calmly leading and Party bouncing along beside Allstar (she even runs a circle around him at one point) and Allstar watching as she climbs up the cliff-vines.

Surface finally reached, Party looks around in awe ("So this is the world above ground...it really is bright and wide." "It is?") as the other two watch. Solid starts to leave, silent until Party asks him where he's going. "I've got to go back to the Empire army, of course. I'm a solider. We part here today, but I won't give up on the Liger. Next time I'll take it—next time we meet we'll be enemies again, Allstar." Ellipses and stares are exchanged, and then Solid walks away back into the forest.

"...Solid left," Party says, and then teasingly asks Allstar if he's lonely.

"W-what'dya mean!?" Allstar flails. "That's not it. I'm not some uptight guy who tries to act cool like Solid!"

"Hm~m. So, you have Party with you," she says, and explains the obvious: she's staying above ground with him. Starting to put two and two together, he says he has a hunch Party would have come no matter what.

"Right! Like I started to say last evening, I like you ♥. So that's why I followed you ♥."
"Eeh. S-so that's why!?"
"It is."

Allstar looks less dazed and more happy:

"...well, anyway. Let's go, Party. For starters, let's look for Bluejem! He's the guy that modded the Liger Zero!"
"Waa, awesome!"
"I bet he'll be surprised..."

They head off not into the proverbial sunset, but to future adventure in Allstar's hometown. And somewhere in the dark, the Führer climbs towards the light, its eyes glinting ominously under the twin moons.

That's not where the fun ends, either. Upon returning to the underground world post-credits, all those mysterious doors they passed are opened, and boss Zoids and strange original critters await their capture. There's a tournament-guy in Tone Village and their friends looking to have a fun scrap, there's the Molga-camping guy in need of some Redler Mk.II smiting, the town-terrorizing Salamander is hanging out on the cliffs. Remember those villagers living next door to each other? They're still living in separate houses, but appear to be an item now (the guy sings a little song about her). And then there's the Saga and Legacy timelines...

Some Japanese notes

Party's "I like you"s use 大好き daisuki, which can be interpreted anywhere from bestest friends-type like to love when applied to people like that. I went with "I like you" as fitting better, since it can go similar ways in English.

Allstar uses 俺 ore, which is a more tough guy word for I/me, and yes, he does stammer and trip over words some in a stereotypical nervous stutter sort of way. Solid uses 僕 boku and has fairly normal (if blunt) speech habits. Party talks entirely in the third person, which is less weird in Japanese and something of a "cute character" thing to do.

"uptight inflexible blockhead" is originally ガチガチの石頭の分からず屋. ガチガチ gachigachi is onomatopoeia, and dictionaries tell me it can also mean "frozen solid" in different context. I have to wonder: Did Allstar do this on purpose?