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Summary – Tilly's Zoids

Tilly's Zoids

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Our story begins with a Liger Zero, shot by an Empire soldier and rescued by a scientist named Bluejem. The solider returns with a young sergeant named Solid, who demands the Zero to take back to the Empire. Shots are fired, attracting the attention of a local boy named Allstar. He and the Zero bond after he steps in to try and help, leaving him its pilot...and him stranded with Solid and his Super Geno Saurer in a mysterious underground world, as their battle causes the ground to collapse beneath them.

They argue and part ways after a brief scuffle with wild Zoids. Upon hearing rustling, Allstar starts yelling at a bush he thinks is Solid stalking him only to discover he's being watched by a girl. Seems his Zero bears a striking resemblance to the underground world's legendary "silver beast machine god". She drags him back to her village for a chat with her grandfather (who happens to be the elder), revealing her name is Party along the way.

Her village is under attack, however, by a feral BF, which Allstar's Zero mysteriously is able to scare off. It's not the only feral Zoid causing trouble, either, as the underground world's Zoids have turned brutal for reasons unsaid. Grandpa-dude mentions Hope Tower and how its doors mysteriously shut...but won't exposit further. He just sends Allstar out to some nearby ruins to confirm the legend deal, Party following him happily. In the ruins is a statue of the beast machine god, and it's a perfect replica of the Zero. So perfect, in fact, that the Schneider armor it's wearing fits perfectly.

Solid and the BF both show up again, and an overconfident Solid gets beaten up badly trying to capture it along with the Zero. Allstar and the Liger save him, but he slinks off after snapping at Party's attempts to console him by explaining the Zero is special and the only one that can fight the BF. More convinced than his rival about the beast machine god deal, Allstar goes back to hear more of the legend, which has his Zero as bringing peace to the world. He's a bit lost on how, but some heroic optimism from Grandpa later and he heads to Tone Village to help with a their own berserk Zoid problem.

The berserk Zoid is a Salamander, and Allstar's best efforts only scare it off, since he can't catch up. This requires another armor quest, this time for the Jäger, and the journey takes them through a scary valley of unpleasantness. Party insists on coming too, scared or not, and when Allstar says that's okay she gloms onto his side and kisses him on the cheek. He flails and stammers to not get so excited, and once the Jäger's found they go take the Salamander down.

Meanwhile, Grandpa's been looking for a way to get Allstar home. Seems there's ledgey bits by Rune Village that have a promising route to the surface. Allstar and Party investigate, but can't get any farther than a sheer cliff with no footholds. They leave to ask for help, and "help" comes in the form of the BF, which attacks them right outside the village. This time Solid shows up to help and is actually useful, snapping Allstar out of worrying about the houses and tag-teaming the BF to drive it off. Besides playing cavalry, Solid's here to offer a truce in the name of getting back home...and he knows what to do about the cliff: mad rope-throwing skills.

Even when they scale the cliff, though, our crew discover the pass back home is blocked by a landslide. What could possibly blast through that? Why, the Zero's third armor, the Panzer, which is unfortunately missing. The Zero has an idea, though, and drags them off to a deep lake. Allstar, figuring the Panzer parts and accompanying ruins must have sunk beneath the surface, sets off in a captured water Zoid (of the player's choosing) along with Party...and trusts the Zero to Solid. For all his teasing Allstar about taking it, Solid keeps his word, and they head off to blast some rocks.

The way home cleared, Allstar hesitates. What's gonna happen to the underground world, he wonders, if they leave it like this? If all this legend stuff is true, he can't go dragging the Zero back home and abandon them. He's got to defeat the BF and stop the bad energy-vibes coming from Hope Tower. Allstar heads back to the village for the full story there, and Grandpa finally relents. Back when the underground people modded Zoids, they undertook the project of building one so large it could get them to the surface, where they could live under the sun. But something went wrong (possibly the AI, Grandpa says) and the remains were made into Hope Tower, so named to be contrary to the failure it represented.

The Panzer proves perfect for tower door-busting too, and after fighting through swarms of Zoids, Allstar and company reach a control room. Not only is the AI still alive, it's been trapped in the tower all this time, going so peculiar it only rages about how it can't reach the skies and wants to destroy the underground world. The berserk Zoids are its doing, driven mad by Rare Hertz. Solid wants to smash it and stop the waves, but Allstar won't let him, saying it's a living thing, and trapping it like this would be cruel. He attempts to get to the console and power the AI down, talk to it...and gets shocked, repeatedly. The same goes for Grandpa as he shows up, trying to apologize for it being forgotten. Allstar doesn't give up, though, and many zap-faceplants later, he finally convinces the poor AI that all he wants is for it to be able to rest. It says it's sorry, stops the Rare Hertz, and Allstar shuts it down.

Wild Zoid problem solved, Allstar and company have only the still-frothing BF left to fight, and a hard battle later it goes down, beaten back into a hole in the ground. People are...rather grateful, calling Allstar their savior and embarrassing him enough he skitters off. Party catches up to him, sad he's leaving, but Allstar says he can come back and have fun any time. Cheered up, she starts to tell him she likes him, and so...and so they're interrupted by the villagers again. Finding Solid too, they head off for the surface. For real, this time.

Party's excited, needless to say, and bounces along behind. Her marveling at the brightness and wideness above ground is interrupted by Solid's departure. His goodbye's less fluffy, almost I'm-not-sulking brief: he tells them he's a solider, he's got to go back to the army...and next time he meets Allstar, he'll be after the Liger and they'll be enemies again. Party jokingly asks Allstar if he's lonely now that Solid's gone—but of course not, he'll have her around. He thought she was just seeing him home and is a bit confused, but she says no, she's staying. Like she said before, she likes him, and that's why she followed him. Allstar seems cool with this, and they run off to say hello to Bluejem: "I bet he'll be surprised!"