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Silver Zero – Tilly's Zoids

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Silver Zero

Released June 2001, Silver Beast Machine God Liger Zero (白銀獣機神 ライガーゼロ) is the only Zoids game made exclusively for the Game Boy Color. Unlike Genobreaker Storythingy, it wasn't packaged with a limited Zoid, though I have heard the first run came with a gashapon Zero repainted silver. It also tells an entirely unique story with its own set of characters—there's no anime dudes, no crossovers, and no war...and the one tournament battle is a bonus extra at the end where you fight your friends for fun and cash.

Pity it was never translated and released stateside. Even a Legacy-style rush job would have been fantastic. But it was far too old and far too anime-unrelated, most likely.

If you still want to play (and want an actual cart), Silver Zero is easily found used on eBay or Amazon.co.jp with a little patience. There's also two versions of the ROM out there, one original and one that sometimes claims to be translated. The only thing that's done are the menus, alas.

Try this walkthrough on GameFAQs if you need a guide. Another review (in Japanese) can be found here at Zoids World.

Character profiles

From the game manual and as written by me.

Items list

Designed to help people who can't read kana more than to be complete.


Thoughts on story and gameplay, along with good/bad points in bulletpoint form.


Every Zoid in the game, along with a few of the mini/in-world sprites. Someday I'll get more of those, along with the humanoid characters...

Story recap

A more play by play recap with bits of dialogue and so on. Currently a slightly rough draft/a bit rambley.


The shorter version of my rambling story-recap.