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I still have my Game Boy Color—Atomic Purple, of course! The Zoids game selection for it is rather limited, and info on the games that exist even rarer. So here's my attempt at fixing that, plus a selection of screenshots from Zoids Legacy.

Genobreaker Story

This is the game that came with either the red Imperial or Midnight Command Wolf (not to be confused with the Blue). Most of English-speaking fandom ignored the game and paid attention to the limited Zoid, so I'm going to try and put together some kind of walkthrough/guide page and other content.

Silver Zero

If you've played Saga 1/2 or Legacy, you've met the main characters of this game in passing. They're great fun in their own world, though, with Allstar being my favorite kid-with-Liger type hero.

Zoids Legacy

Screenshots of its more...interestingly translated and/or weird moments. They give the game its charm, really, which makes the paper-thin time travel plot more fun!