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Icons / Avatars – Tilly's Zoids

Tilly's Zoids

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Icons / Avatars

All these are free for use, and they're all under LiveJournal's 40kb limit. Edit them, add text, whatever makes you happy. A mention of my name (Tilly, pointytilly on LJ and Dreamwidth) for the screenshottage/timing would be nice, but it's not like I drew them.

I'll take suggestions for a particular shot/animation to add here, though if you want fancy text/effects that'll be up to you.

Final note: don't direct link to my image files. Upload them to your own space, be it Photobucket or otherwise. I'll move the directory they're in around to enforce this ;p.


Yeah!  Grabbing the air is dramatic!Let's go, Zero!Headtoss.The mysterious blasty Liger Zero FalconFiiiiireGo, my Blox minionsGUY RICKY DEATH TROYYYIt's Sweet!  Hide!What?Poke Ciao!Strike laser claw!Command Wolf loves youHeeeey, wait a minute...This kinda creeps me out.  He goes wobblewobblewobble...


RD finds something terrifying in a bookThe Alpha Zoid or a filtered Zero, your pickAction blur GigaZero Falcon chargesThe Zero and Phoenix combineThe Zero and Phoenix combine...with more saturationI added the filters this time.Gorhecks!More gradient filtery Zero FalconGo, Buster Eagle controlled by my mighty typing skillsRD does not like his musicOh noes!Pointing RDPointing RD, take 2Running ZeroRunning Zero, take 2Fish love SigmaLeogator stalks youStill version of the 'what, it's giving me the finger?' momentSigma with wrenches