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Single / Soundtrack – Tilly's Zoids

Tilly's Zoids

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Single / Soundtrack

Fuzors has all of two CDs to its name, but here they are. I'll get photographs eventually. Someday.

Enemy of Life - 2am (single)

The first run of this single came with one of three limited edition Zoids Struggle cards: Liger Zero Phoenix, Buster Fury, or PKB Gojulas Giga. It features CGI of the Zero Phoenix and BuF on the front, and an odd insert that shows off Zoids like the Buster "Condor"...as piloted by nobody. The merchandising people don't seem to like Luke much.

The instrumental Enemy of Life featured a lot in-show, and an early (unfinished?) remix version served as the US fusion music. Self Control has Christmas music mixed into a few parts (Joy To The World, to be specific), as it originally released around December.

Produced/supervised by Tetsuya Komuro
Catalogue number: YRCN-10065
MSRP: 1000 yen (before tax)
Buy at: CD Japan - Amazon.co.jp

Track Listing

1. enemy of life
2. self control 2004
3. enemy of life (instrumental)
4. self control 2004 (instrumental)

Zoids Fuzors Original Sound Tracks

This features a good amount of the music seen in-series, plus a TV-length intro and ending. It's not my favorite of the Zoids soundtracks, though if you dig Fuzors BGM, it delivers. The case shows off the Zero Falcon plus some anime stills, with heavy bias towards the Gairyuuki and Energy Liger. There's more anime stills within, which again neglect Luke (there's a bit of his back when he was mindcontrolled, that's it), and the disc is blue with the Zero Falcon printed on it.

Produced/supervised by Tetsuya Komuro
Catalogue number: YRCN-11042
MSRP: 2381 yen (before tax)
Buy at: CD Japan - Amazon.co.jp

Track Listing (rough translation)

1. [Opening Theme] enemy of life (TV Size)
2. Next...
3. Zoids Drive
4. Dispatch!
5. Flying Powerful Enemy
6. Crimson Fascinating Plan
7. Fighting
8. Fanged Counterattack
9. Reversal
10. Running Smoothly
11. Siren's Trick
12. Powerful Enemy
13. Thick Fog
14. Moment of Loss
15. Interlude
16. Town
17. Sunny Day
18. Tears
19. Language of Love
20. Refreshing Rock
21. Shining Eyes
22. Militant
23. Battle
24. Dashing Fangs
25. Ominous Influence
26. Barrier in the Way
27. Menacing Fighting Strength
28. Vivid Terror
29. Giant Stronghold
30. Control
31. Love
32. New Rhythm
33. Comical
34. [Ending Theme] self control 2004 (TV Size)