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Fuzors – Tilly's Zoids

Tilly's Zoids

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Fuzors was the third Zoids anime series, appearing after Chaotic Century/Guardian Force and New Century /Zero. There was a three-year gap between them, however, which built up fan expectations and theory a bit too far. Between people's preconceptions and a different animation studio, Fuzors never did very well on either shore. After a slow start in a too-late-for-target-market timeslot, it was canceled thirteen episodes in before the plot really got going.

The entire English version—the series seems to have been created with America and the Hasbro line in mind first—would eventually air in Australia and New Zealand, and a Japanese version followed suit, fixing a few of the animation feckups and completely redoing episode 2 to be more nonsensical plotwise but much more action-packed. The damage was still done, Fuzors having become hated among the English-speaking fandom and mostly ignored in Japan. Tellingly, the English version ends with a narration hinting at further adventures, and the later-produced Japanese version has no such thing.

But I like Fuzors. It's my favorite of the anime series, actually, and I figured it deserved more webpage attention.

Episode summaries (currently being moved to this site)

Rather than just summarize the plot, these are also part rambling recapreview, done in a play-by play style that may well have been influenced by Delta Blues being a favorite site of mine back in the day.


Hosted on LiveJournal's Scrapbook service and complete with (rather silly) commentary. If something refuses to load, try hitting refresh.

Character Profiles

Spoiler-heavy, detailed, and silly. I'm trying to even cover the super-obscure, which with Fuzors is no easy task!


DVD screenshots of all of them. Lots of dramatic poses, and one or more for almost every character. Except Lillian :(.

Icons / Avatars

Because I can. Designed for LiveJournal and spinoffs (100x100 and under 40kb), but usable wherever tickles your fancy.

Intro / Ending Lyrics

Lyrics and rough translation for the TV-length songs used in the Japanese version.

Single / Soundtrack

Translated track listings and release/purchase info for...all two albums released under the Fuzors banner. Where's the Genesis-style endless parade of Sweet and Luke Amy singles, I ask you?