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Tilly's Zoids

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About me - About this site

About me

Name/Handle: Tilly
Birthday: April 7th
Location: Wisconsin, USA. Also found in England.
Pronouns: Singular they. I like Spivak and variations on zie too.
Computer/Operating system: Luke the Dell Studio 1535 running Ubuntu 10.04; Lily the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus
Camera: Canon PowerShot S110
Tablet: Wacom Intuos4 small
Headphones: Sennheiser PX-100 II, AKG K81 DJ

Favorite color: Blue. And pink, and metal flake red.
Favorite music: Just about anything, with a definite prog/metal/rock/jazz/blues bias in there.
Favorite Zoids: Storch, Gorhecks, Krark, Liger Zero (especially Jäger)/Energy Liger, Kingliger/Baron.
Favorite Zoids series: Battle Story (especially OJR), the UK comic, and Fuzors.
Favorite Zoids characters: Rosa, Elena (and thus Camford), Wolff, Heller, Phil, Krark, Riese, Thomas, the Tigers, RD, Luke, Helmut, Allstar, Party, and Zan.

About this site

Viewable With Any Browser campaign site

While my domain went online sometime in early 2002, the Zoids section split off on its own sometime in the fall (October?). I didn't have the presence of mind to take screenshots of all the old layouts, but here's some of them in action:

Painfully old layoutGrey Gun Tiger layoutBlue layout version 1Blue layout version 2Blue layout version 3

If things are broken for you, please tell me so I can try to fix it~. The more info you can give, the awesomer (things like your browser, what version of the browser it is, what operating system you're running, etc).

Thanks goes to CSSplay and Position is Everything for being generally awesome. My 80x15 buttons were made with some help from the Brilliant Button Maker. Hosting-wise I'm with NearlyFreeSpeech.