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Want List – Tilly's Zoids

Tilly's Zoids

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Want List

If you have something rare on this (MIB or built and complete, doesn't matter), drop me a line and I might be interested depending on funds at the moment. Apologies to people who run into this page on Google looking for info on old Zoids, the same happens to me.


History of Zoids (OJR book, has a blue cover)
OJR Zoids battle comic thing with that...Top Hunter and R.S. Thomas stuff
NJR Seismo fanbook Ex/instruction manual (the one in color with story/info)
Any old fanbooks/catalogues/etc. I don't have, same with Graphics booklets...and anything interesting and/or promotional re: Fuzors, especially production materials (and especially original sketches/ref sheets in color).
HMM Liger Zero (official only, no STK/bootleg)
HMM Liger Zero clear eyes, chrome claws/teeth, chrome caps--or, even better, another set of the large chrome silver caps

Bits and pieces

Grade up emblem for OJR Gunbluster (the one that isn't these two)
Kingbaron head gun
Zatton/Zunder back guns
Grade up emblem for Genesis Houndsoldier
OJR or OER Dimetrodon left leg armor, first and last sections of tail armor, any and all guns/missiles/etc.
Motors suitable for Gator/Spinefin, Godos/Trooperzoid, Guysack, and Aquadon/Aquazoid
OJR (or Technozoids) Battle Cougar horn, OJR tail and little front white clip part
OJR Raynos radar dish
NAR Battle McCougar guts (ie, all the gears and motor stuff, metal contacts and all), wing clips, and tail

Stuff I might like sometime

OJR Shield Liger/OER Shield Tiger
Ice Blazer
Salamander F2
OJR Death Saurer
Zoids2 Spinefin
Dino Expo/museum/"bone" Horn
Holotech Command Wolf
TDP Iron Kong Mk.II
Shield Liger Commander SP
Dark Dimetrodon
Saber Tiger SCV Gold (motorized, not HMM)
Fuzors Gojulas Giga
Fuzors Gravity Saurer and Wolf
Fuzors Boldguard
Fuzors Liger Zero Phoenix
Geno Ritter
Storm Sworder FSV
MSS Command Wolf, Shield Liger Mk.II, and maybe Godos and Great Sabre

Almost anything chrome, though I'm not fond of solid-color Zoids
Chrome Panzer Unit
Minis/gashapon: Any card game clear or metallic chase ones (hah!), card game Storch, metal Gojulas and Molga, white Shield Liger
Wild Liger art statue (would prefer color, but either will do)
Baratz centipede(s), any Baratz/command Zoid/etc dragonflies
Blitz Sworder
Galaxy Quest volume 3 in Japanese, all three in English
Any other Zoids manga I don't have other than the US CC one
Concept Art books 2, 3, and the Dark Army one/part 4
CC soundtracks 2 and 3 (plus box that came with 3)
Genesis soundtrack
...all the blu-ray discs, really. Fuzors DVDs 2-9 with cases in good shape (or at least the paper inserts intact/scannable ). Wouldn't mind the Genesis DVDs, but wouldn't pay much either (condition unimportant so long as I can rip them).