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Blue Command Wolf (and CP-04 Attack Unit) – Tilly's Zoids

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Blue Command Wolf (and CP-04 Attack Unit)

With added shiny pilot!

Command Wolf is one of the ubiquitous windups of the NJR, appearing everywhere in various limited and regular releases. They're often customized, they show up in lots of teams, and not a single main anime pilot has kept his alive for the whole series other than Helmut.

In other words, there's a metric crapload of them. If you don't have one, go get one.

CW at an odd angleShiny pilotCW says hello

Really, they're not challenging or boringly easy-building the fifth or sixth or whateverth Wolf gets to be theraputic in a bizarre way. You piece together a body with a tail and poke a head together around that, with a little gear on the neck enabling the speed-switching later. Then it's adding bits and going leg leg leg leg gun Wolf, and you can set it free on the nearest floor and watch its odd walk take it speedshuffling away. Accurate it isn't, but it's quick (and kinda silly). Put it in slow mode and it's more reasonable, but what's the fun in that?

headstandthumbnail-CW's hindlegsGravity Saix meets CWCW's headCW howls

Blue here used to be a very rare limited, but recently reappeared in large quantities along with Shieldy DCS-J. It has the same box, but Command Wolf HT instructions. (Shieldy has the new battery case instead of OJR pop-open style, and I've heard rumors of the CP being different colors that I can't personally confirm.) The plastic is nice and easy to trim, though almost dangerously so—be careful not to trim too much.

A lot of people confuse this guy and the Midnight, but they're not much alike beyond the base color being blue. Blue is a pleasing turquoiseroyal shade somewhere in between Shieldy and Bladey, and its caps are white and its guns gold. Midnight is a deep midnighty blue of the sort that eats Mystick's brain, and has grey caps and silver guns. It also comes in a black-tinted box mentioning stuff about the game it accompanied, while Blue's actually says Blue and is...well, blue. If you see a blue box that doesn't say Blue and mentions/shows a game, that's the red Imperial Wolf.

Confused? Me too.

CW's neckCW stares at thingsPower Mammoth pokes Command WolfCommand Wolf versus Brave Jaguar

If you like blue or Command Wolves, Blue is worth getting before it gets spendy again. Otherwise, just pick and choose the variants you like.

With CP-04

...and almost no pictures, sorry.

Perhaps one of the best-know custom parts that's not a one-Zoid upgrade, the Attack Unit gets the most fame from its placement on Command Wolf. However, it will fit just about any Zoid with a free small peg and enough space to give it clearance, making it versatile indeed. Small Zoids will flail, however—as the included note politely warns you, customize parts are decorative and may cause coilspring Zoids to not move or fall over.

While CP-04 was also cast for a limited time in an off-white shade best matching the NJR Command Wolf, the majority of them are a sort of gunmetally charcoally grey. There's not much shine to it, but it's sure not solid black either. This means it'll match just about anything you stick it on, though it'll drag a brightly-colored Zoid down. Molding quality on mine was decent, though nothing to write home about either.

The pieces included are legboosters for our canine friends (composed of two bits each), two adapters (so one can build the gun to go on a peg or on a slidey thing for Cannon Tortoise), a little finny thing, two big side stabilizer-looking things, and the two obvious big guns. Assembly is thus really, really easy, but the adapter piece on mine was so ridiculously tight in its holes that I had to sand the pegs down to even get it together, much less moveable. I still can't tilt the darn guns without removing them for fear of snapping Blue's already stressed back peg. I don't remember my AC having this issue, so maybe it's a batch thing.

Even with that in the way, this remains one of my favorite CPs. It looks good, it works well, what more do you want? While not too easy to find these days (I got mine from Gundam Store and More, who's now out), it's not too spendy either, making it a nice option for adding imaginary firepower to your resident undergunned plastic mecha animals.

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