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Clear Molga – Tilly's Zoids

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Clear Molga

As I covered with Clear Horn: no, it's not Crystal. For the fluff-curious, the Saber Tiger and further Holotech critters claim their funky plastic is a form of beam reflecty armor that sometimes grants doom stealth...whether this would apply to the Clear Molga via Retcon Magic or not is anyone's guess.

Now that that's out of the way, on to the fun bit.

Climbing MolgaBacklit

Speaking of fun, Molga is fun to say. Try it now...Molllllga. The Zoid lives up to its name—it's really a fun little windup. It's deceptively simple, having only a few frames of parts that all piece together in clever interlocking ways. The result is a grub that not only rolls slowly along, but bobs up and down in a decidedly inchwormy way. Ever seen The Green Death? Yeah, like that, but less fangy. You could also look to Mothra larva, a more likely source of inspiration considering Gojulas' name.

Bottom view, showing innardsSide viewTail

Now, imagine all that win when you can see what's going on, because the Molga's made of this cool clear plastic. Awesome...even if mine now sticks for reasons unknown. Blast it all!

Cockpit openAnother side viewOn blue fabric

While Clear Molgas were originally rare, they soon became the easiest to find of their kin when they saw both a second promotion that wasn't a lucky draw and (oddity of oddities) distribution in Australia. The box was another plain white affair with a sticker, and they were sold alongside Zaber Fangs and Shield Ligers as a free bonus. Mine is an Aussie one, traded for a Hasbro Schneider -- a critter which has since dropped off the face of the earth and multiplied in price in ways worthy of its bunny ears. That's okay, 'cause I didn't dig the cream Liger and I dig Molga lots :D.

Aside from the plastic being trickier to trim than both standard Zoids and newer Holotech critters, I can't think of a single bad thing to say. Unless you have some huge dislike of clear plastic or Molgas, you'll find something to like. If you see Clear Molga for a price you'd call sane, it's a worthy buy.

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