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Zaber Fang

Back in the day, I bought into that whole "the Hasbro Zoids are pants and the Tomy ones are better" bullcrap. I say bullcrap because they were pretty much the same thing in different packaging. Differences were actually due to batch! But I bought into that until I got a Holokitty—and I wanted one of these, because it was Team Tigers' signature ride of choice.

In keeping with their blatant baseball reference, it's bright yellow. Just like the anime one, maybe even a little more yellow. And when I say bright yellow, I mean it. As a nice touch, the shoulderpads are painted dark blue to match the anime Tiger. Oddly, the nose isn't painted black along with them, though that's a fairly simple change if you want anime accuracy.

Side view of Zaber FangSide view with minis climbing on ZaberTop view along with Hasbro Sinker action figure, which is also bright yellow

The only real letdown is the lack of the custom guns seen later on—it'd have been nice if the Tiger included at least a stock CP-04/Attack Unit, rather than just the regular back guns. Hasbro got better about surprise bonus custom parts later on, but this was one of their first releases, so hey. It's a Team Tigers Zoid, and wasn't released in Japan other than occasional imports.

If you don't like Team Tigers and/or really bright yellow, this is not the Saber Tiger variant for you. If you do, it's still somewhat findable, though Tigers are scarce these days. You may actually be better off trying Japanese sites, as some of those imported ones are lurking around still. Don't expect to find them languishing on sale any more, though D:.

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