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Liger Zero variant fluff (with bonus Hover Cargo) – Tilly's Zoids

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Liger Zero variant fluff (with bonus Hover Cargo)

Liger Zero

The great disaster of the ZAC 2050s drove countless numbers of metallic lifeforms into extinction. After this period, most wild Zoids were left under the management of Planet Zi's people, who took up a protective policy. As a result, the wild Zoids' population stabilized, though their natural vitality declined greatly. But completely wild Zoids survived, even if only a few existed. Liger Zero was born with that sort of completely wild body as a base—a fuselage that is overflowing with wild vitality. With the battle data of past Liger series and the ability to exchange its equipment to suit every task using the "Changing Armor System", it can handle various situations in war.


With the CAS ("Changing Armor System") to fully exchange its equipment to suit every task, this Liger Zero form is strengthened for assault, special attacks, and close combat. It is the Liger Zero Schneider. Equipped with seven blades and five e-shield generators, the Schneider is said to be the successor to the way of Blade Liger, and easily makes the best use of its past battle data. Its special attack "Fiveblade Storm" deploys the Rushing Blades forward and attacks in close combat with the E-Shield revolving before them, and even repels Death Stinger's Charged Particle Cannon. Furthermore, though its weight increased because of the additional equipment, it need not worry about mobility thanks to its six thrusters.

Hover Cargo

The Hover Cargo, developed in preparation for battle in enemy country where supply and maintenance are difficult by Republic engineers, is a mobile base-type Zoid. Because it can float aboveground like a hovercraft, it's able to advance without feeling the influence of the terrain. It's able to load supplies that can mobilize a company for two weeks of operations. Also, if the rear dock is modified, equipping a long-range cannon, it occasionally also plays an active role as a logistical support mecha.

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