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Diloforce – Tilly's Zoids

Tilly's Zoids

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Diloforce is one of the oft-neglected non-motorized critters from the mid-latter part of the new line. While Demantis and Maccurtis would show in /Zero, most of them were shoved into the background of fans' minds as mediocre designs that didn't do much in continuity. They even lost their place as controversial thanks to Blox, the idea of "tiny Zoids without motors" not being new anyway (look at the Attack Zoids, better known as Command Zoids now).

I'll agree that whole lot of critters is a bit forgettable, with a few standouts like Saberlion, Megaleon, and the now-rare Glaive Quama being most likely to get fans' attention. But Diloforce isn't a bad Zoid, not for something in between proper and Command.

It arrives in a small box with only a few small frames of parts: two greygunmetal, two orangey yellow, and one clear red. Caps are dark brick red (and you'll only use two of them), and the pilotman is posed as if riding a motorcycle. You also get a guy-with-bazooka and some sandbags for some bonus fun—they're part of the orangeyellow frame, same as the pilotman.

Assembly is easy, with the only possible cause for concern trimming the clear red bits. The result is one pokey dinolizard, with joints at its hips, shoulders, ankles, frill (one hinge each for three pieces), neck, head (its mouth opens by raising its head, not lowering its jaw), and blades. Sadly, the hip blades only fold up and down, not out, and the tail one...can anyone figure out how that damn thing is supposed to work? I swear it looks like it's supposed to do more than it does, especially with how it likes to fall down.

Besides putting your Diloforce into interesting poses, you can also stick its head on BF's hand. No, really. It looks...rather ridiculous. Glaive Quama can carry Diloforce around by its hookthings, and they can switch cockpit seats, but this also falls into the "looks really silly" category. Leave the fusing to Killer Spiner and the B-CAS critters, I say.

All in all, Diloforce is solid for what it is: a slightly larger and more poseable cousin to the Attack/Command Zoids. If you're expecting a large or intricate kit, you'll probably be disappointed. Get it as an entertaining supplement to the main line.

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