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Blade Liger (Hasbro Red)

For a review geared more toward the Blade Liger frame itself, see the blue one. I'll mainly focus on the differences here.

The Hasbro version of this popular critter is similar to its expensive Japanese counterpart, but has a few key differences. First are the feet and fangs: instead of diecast metal, you get gold plastic. It isn't even metallic, bah. This may have been for safety reasons, however, so I wouldn't blame Hasbro too much. The red is a bit lighter and pinker as well, though even the Japanese Red Blade Liger is a far cry from Leon's dark red one despite bearing his name. The actually bad change, in my opinion? The legs are grey plastic, the same shade as the body. This ruins the contrast the black ones afforded the Liger and makes it look rather crappy stock. Frustratingly, if you're buying it just based on the box pictures (like a parent getting their kid a toy from their favorite show might well be), the Liger is shown with proper black-looking legs.

Red Bladey from the side, its front half visibleRed and BI Blade Ligers, with red Bladey bristling a bitBlade Liger being pointy

My solution? I had a spare Shield Liger, so after giving its dark blue legs to my Bladey BI to make it more anime-style, I put the Bladey BI's black legs on my Hasbro Bladey. Add in some spare metal feet kindly sent to me by a ZoidFans member, and presto: I had a red Bladey that wasn't quite Japanese and wasn't quite Hasbro. Speaking of not-quites...the red. In some lights it's more an orangey or coraly red, in others, it looks positively pink. It's no Fire Phoenix, but it sure isn't pure red either.

Red Bladey poking the viewerRed and BI Blade Ligers in bad lighting showing the pink effectA mostly generic three-quarter view

I wouldn't bother with Hasbro's release at Japanese!red Bladey level prices unless you have some spare darker legs for it. It's a nice variant after a bit of parts-swapping, though, and if you can pick one up on the cheap and like red Ligers, it may be what you're after.

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