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Stego – Tilly's Zoids

Tilly's Zoids

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The good thing about collecting Zoids2 is not a lot of people like them. You might think this would lead to them not showing up, but it's the reverse. You still find dead stock floating around on eBay, unwanted, unloved, and generally sad and lonely and shiny.

So I won a Stego for a very nice price. And I built it, and it was good.

For starters, let's do packaging. The box is Zoids2 multi-lingual fun, with a fairly cool photo of the Zoid standing in a futuristic multi-color backdrop of who knows what. Does it matter what? It looks cool, and that's what counts! Inside the box we have...parts! There's some black ones, some silvery grey metal flake ones with a very big-sparkled look, and a runner of blindingly shiny silver chrome. You also get a motor and a shiny pilot (gold with mine, which is odd...my Red Wing had gold too, and they're opposite "sides"). Finally, as per Zoids2 tradition, there's some flamey black and red shiny stickers, made to trim Stego's fins and sides.

Stego's box and bits left from buildingBack of Stego's box

I should have photoed this before I built the Zoid and tossed the black sprues. Whoops.

The Zoid itself? Gorhecks is one of the more creative large windups, and it shows in the building. The large body pieces contrast with a wonderfully clever mechanism that not only drives Stego's legs, it sends its head bobbing back and forth as it walks. That not enough? It also gets a couple bars on each side rolling in time, thanks to a little slidey piece you'll want to make sure lines up with the peg moving it. So what, you might say, until you realize all those pretty chrome fins go on those bars-that's right, the fins all wave in and out and in and out in a way that threatens to be hypnotizing before Stego runs out of spring.

The stickers, for all their shiny, are a pain in the arse to put on. My fin ones were all a fraction longer than the bits they fit on, and I found that out the hard way. You might want to put them on top-first, so any excess goes on the bumpy bit of the fin and not sticking off the top. But we will not speak of my arguing with one sticker and a knife, no-we'll focus on how cool they look when they're stuck. Most built Stegos I see are missing these, and it's a real pity, because they're awesomely awesome. Even if you hate stickers like me, try them if you have them.

Stego from aboveSide view

The finished Zoid is wonderfully complex yet smooth-looking, with all sorts of cool understatedly skeletal detail on the body surrounded by sleek armor and those wonderful shiny (or translucent, on other releases) fins. Gorhecks isn't a Zoid that most people think of readily when asked to connect them to the word "sexy", but Stego sure fits the bill. For something meant to be an electronic warfare and sensor specialist extraordinare, it sure looks like a sports car...except this sports car can mess with your communications with those pretty fins and hunt you down with its thagomizer-that-isn't.

Stego from behind, showing its not-thagomizer tailtipStego on a computer caseStego's fins and stickers reflecting on a white backdrop

If you like windups at all, you owe it to yourself to get a Gorhecks variant. Which? The OJR with the ohsopretty purple fins won't come cheap, so if you're on a budget Stego here is the way to go for old Gorhecks-y goodness. I personally think it looks just as good or even better anyway, though I sure wouldn't mind a purple finned one. The Fuzors one, besides being a pleasing shade of blue, is the best if you dig being able to add guns to things, as the pegs added to its back for the police lights just so happen to be standard small weapon ones. I'm not as fond of the NJR's green and orange combo, but its Fanbook Ex has a cool story, and it's very easy to find.

Grab a Gorhecks, any Gorhecks. You can't lose!

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