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Claw – Tilly's Zoids

Tilly's Zoids

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I didn't have a camera handy when I first got Claw, so you get me holding it up in front of my webcam. I'll get proper photos up eventually. Maybe.

The Zoids2 line is fairly mixed in terms of how wild its color schemes are. Love it or hate it, you have to agree there's a bit of difference between the classy Raptor or Stego and Iron Kong or Sabre. Claw falls somewhere in the middle of the road, and being as I love both Shield Ligers and chrome had been on my wants list since...well, pretty much since I first saw it. Thanks to some trading of bits (and goodbye Sturm Tyrann), I finally got one for myself. Built, without box, and a little beaten up, but a Zoid's a Zoid, and there's a certain something nice about taking in ones that were once someone else's toy.

Or maybe I've been at The Brave Little Toaster too much.

For the unfamiliar, Claw's aforementioned color scheme is a very distinctive combination of black (legs), dark blue (body and feet), chrome gold (head and armor), neon green (shock cannon and underbits), silver (paws/teeth/tailgun), and white caps. The cockpit is old-school clear smoke, the pilot gold, and the stickers the typical Zoids2 gold swirls on matte black—on Claw they mark the face and backplate, as well as add "eye" side pieces to the cockpit. The neon green might seem out of place amid all this, but it actually makes for striking accents...and makes mint in box Claws a popular target for swapping with Great Sabre to make a Dark Zoid-esque critter. As if finding them in the wild weren't hard enough, many of them have a milky-white plastic underneath the gold chrome, and the recent popularity of the "Ghost Zoids" critters means a lot of people are stripping them to make parts swap replicas. Evil, I say, unless the chrome on the Claw is too far gone!

Side viewFrom behindBelly view

I can't really speak for the actual build, being as I didn't build my Claw, but the plastic quality and fit is superior to that of my new-release Shield Ligers. Even old and acquired built, it holds together better than my NJR, and it doesn't have the Mk.II's mild molding degradation. The chrome on mine is pretty good, after all this time, and looks like it required fairly little stripping to get together other than some pegs and the crosspiece on the nose that holds the cockpit on. This is pretty typical of Zoids2, as is the stickers holding up well. There was a little peeling at the edges of mine, but they still stay where they're meant to, and I've even peeled and restuck Claw eye stickers without problems.

Cheesy effectsWith me

Speaking of the eyes, Claw's cockpit is a perfect way to make your TDP Shield Liger Mk.II into a more old-school accurate Zoid. Swap them, and your Mk.II is far better-looking, and Claw's got more contrast going on. I've got a spare Claw cockpit, so I waffle between that and the more subtle original. I think the darker one plus eyes gives the Liger a more aggressive look, and the original one more classy.

Really, if you like Shield Ligers, this and the Mk.II get my highest recommendation. Neither is easy to find these days, but they shouldn't utterly destroy your wallet either—especially if you'll settle for built, in the Claw's case. If you like the Zoids2 line or chrome, it's even more a must. If the neon green bothers you, it's easily swapped out (and you'll likely make a Dark Zoids fan with a spare Great Sabre happy).

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