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Reddra – Tilly's Zoids

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This supersonic-speed battle machine beast is the Imperial Army's latest weapon. It's capable of vertical takeoff, and boasts high maneuverability. With its extraordinarily strong wings and body, awesome tactics like slicing an enemy clean in half using its Cutter Wing while passing them in an air battle are its specialty. Its nose can bend downwards to maintain its forward field of vision when landing.

Reddra is what Redler was before they took the obvious "red dragon" English-smushname and gave it a romanization that better rolls off the tongue. Nonsense word or not, I like the name Redler better (especially because it opens up the opportunity to call the NJR release Purpler), but it's an easy way to differentiate in text.

Our dragon friend hails from the same era as the once far rarer (but now rereleased) Lidier, and they served duty as Death Saurer escort together. Long before Raynos and eons before Storm Sworder, the Reddra was master of the air, and it still saw occasional service after Zenebas' fall alongside Gilvader...in other words, its pilots were never the main attraction, but they led an interesting life. Reddra's market price reflects that, as while it's not the most popular older model out there, you can still expect to pay a decent chunk of cash for a boxed example. Thus, mine wasn't a boxed example: it was built and sadly lacking in packaging goodness, though as it came with a Japanese manual, I was able to place it as a Reddra and not an (otherwise identical, but OER) Zolkon.

The stickers were a bit peely and so, they went the way of rubbing alcohol...I do wish I'd better tried to save the Zenebas emblem, but such is hindsight. The Reddra itself proved to be in quite nice shape for its age, complete, unyellowed, and with its clear bits uncracked. I'm afraid I can't remember the eBay seller now, but whoever they were, they took good care of it.

And here's one of the main differences between this sucker and its younger brethren: Reddra's wings are made of slightly harder, much clearer smoke plastic. The NJR's are gooey, almost, and a rich charcoal with hints of purple and/or red depending on the batch. On a purple Redler, the dark is good, but on Reddra, the smoke is very striking, showing off the silver pilot and all the molded detail in the otherwise simple-seeming wings.

Reddra balanced on a silver bowlA side view of Reddra posed propped up on a silver bowl.  My reflection is visible.

As an aside, there was a red Redler released in the NJR as a bonus with a Playstation game. From photos and asking around, I've determined it sports Reddra's colors with Redler's squishier, darker transparent wings. Don't shell out for one as a proper Reddra rerelease, because you won't get the smoke clear bits, the silver pilotman, or the stickers. You might as well just paint a purple one unless you're really into variants (and Redler is not a fun Zoid to Collect ALL The Variants for, thanks to Dragonfly).

I won't comment on the build much here (I'll save that for the Redler review when I redo it), but Reddra follows the large windup trend of doing things beyond a simple walk. In its case, it's the wings. They're rigged with a series of clever folding supports, moving them both up and down and in and out as the Redler pads along. Unlike the later Raynos (which, to be fair, opens and closes its mouth instead), the Redler's wings move quite a lot, and none of it gets in the way of its slow but steady walk. It's a nice piece of engineering.

Reddra holds a white flower made out of tissue paper and a green pipe cleaner

Final observation: Reddra is in that certain family of older Zenebas red. That is to say, it's...not pure red. You're looking at a vivid color a bit pinker than Dimetrodon or Iron Kong PK. Avoid it if your manliness is wounded by you don't like pink Zoids. If you're already fond of the Redler mold and want something with a lot of class (or just more pinkish-red), though, Reddra's the way to go. It also shows up built decently often, and Redler variants don't easily lose pieces other than ankle armor and pilots.

If you prefer chrome and the good kind of tacky, look for a Zoids2 Red Wing. Your other options in the Not Purple category fall under rare (Black Redler), painfully expensive (Genesis lucky draw Gildy-colors Redler), and super-obscure (Technozoids Dragonfly). But really...the purple's not too bad. Reddra is just that little bit better.

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