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Gunbluster – Tilly's Zoids

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Gunbluster is the sexiest Zoid ever. Period. The red Energy Liger and Stego are a distant second. Nothing (and I mean nothing) beats royal blue, white, black, and eleventybillion gold chrome spinny guns on a stompy thing!

In Zoid Graphics' take on continuity, Gunbluster was created with the sole purpose of saving Shuu and company from the forces that had them pinned down on Nyx. Armed only with Raynos, Cannonfort, and the like, the group needed something stronger, and right away. Gunbluster was their first something, clomping in like a slow-paced knight in shining armor to save the battered Republic lot from a swarm of approaching Dark Horns. It accomplishes similar in fanbook-land—both in the OJR and again in the NJR, where it breaks the Berserk Fury's much-overrated shield and saves a lot of Ligers' backsides.

Gunbluster looms dramatically in high-contrast lightingA side view of Gunbluster

The model reflects its we Need Guns Now story, carrying a good amount of bulk for its smallish-medium size. It's similar to a Horn in footprint, but lower to the ground and more compact...and to be honest, more shuffley than stompy, even if it's a stompy Zoid at heart. Gunbluster is not a Zoid that's going anywhere fast, but it's not a Zoid that's going to be pushed around either. The Hyper Rolling Cannon may not turn to the sides like a Hibilt Vulcan, but if you are in front of it, you are dead. Like the vulcan, those top guns all spin, working off a series of gears in a fashion that foreshadows the Gradeup line.

Three-quarter viewGunbluster roarsGunbluster shufflesGunbluster's guns, which are very shiny and pointed at an imaginary enemy just off-camera

Really, Gunbluster is the gradeup that isn't: stuck somewhere between their size and a regular Zoid, it's got spinny gears but no port, and power emblems but no empty slots, as it can't actually hold any grade-up weapons. Said emblems, if you have an old box handy or are geeky enough to have memorized the number system, are happy to tell you the stats in ZEP for Gunbluster's body, shield, and gun turret. Or rather: mine would be happy to tell me, had one of the emblems not skuttled off to points unknown. Bugger.

Two power emblems and an empty power slot for the thirdSulky Gunbluster with its head plopped on a pillowGunbluster with a pilot sitting on its foot and a mini-Gunbluster staring at the pilot

Since my Bluster was built already and it's been a while since I built my Hasbro one, I can't remember too much of the building, though points of interest beyond the spinny guns would be Gunbluster's jaw (acutally driven off its leg movey bits) and power switch (pull out, push in, instead of flipping anything). They're unique to the design, as far as I know. In another small grade-up moment, it has one-piece legs, with just the feet and a few bits of armor separate, and the eyes are gold chrome like the guns.

Gunbluster takes a nap on a nice soft pillowGunbluster's shiny eye

Gunbluster, however, doesn't suffer from having one-piece legs. With how short they are, they actually make for a pleasantly rolling shuffle that suits it perfectly. On short carpet (I don't have any shag, just a rug) it soldiers on where most Zoids stick, tail bobbing slightly. On wood floors it gets a bit bolder, the tail-bobbing turning into a resolute clonk clonk clonk and the walk gaining a bit of a stomp. It's not a speed demon, just like its real counterpart, but it certainly doesn't care. It has the look of something very hard to faze more than anything else, and like a Horn looks bigger in motion.

The guns? Round and round they go, happily blasting apart imaginary foes and blinding opponents foolish enough to face Gunbluster on a sunny day. Pity you don't get many of those on Nyx.

Is an OJR Gunbluster really worth the amount of money you'll pay and hunting you'll have to do? They're rare, even built, and fetch reasonably high sums boxed or not. If you're a big fan of the design, Mk.II colors, and/or shiny moving objects, the answer is a resounding yes. If you're just looking to give the mold a try, get a new one. All the mechanics are still there. In fact, the only real difference beyond color (and the battery cover now being screw-shut) is a very minor molding change. The old Gunbluster has a couple of slim tubes going from the back of its body to the gun turret. They're completely gone on the newer models, perhaps damaged on the mold and not seen as worth recovering—a similar change happened to Deadborder.

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