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Custom Parts – Tilly's Zoids

Tilly's Zoids

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Custom Parts

Stick plastic guns on your plastic robot animals, and make them more powerful!

Most of the CPs were just weapons (if anything like the Gojulas Cannons can be called “just”), but a few were totally different armor sets. Good luck finding some of those now D:.

The CP line never really saw release anywhere but Japan (and places that got Japanese stock), though Hasbro released a Schneider box set that included the Liger Zero, and Academy did the same for the Zero armors and the Blade/Shield Ligers with their respective CPs. Oddly, Hasbro also sold the CP-16 remote control (best used with Death Stinger) packaged with a Lightning Saix recolor.

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Blue Command Wolf (and CP-04 Attack Unit)

With added shiny pilot! Command Wolf is one of the ubiquitous windups of the NJR, appearing everywhere in various limited and regular releases. They're often customized, they show up in lots of teams, and not a single main anime pilot has kept his alive for the whole series other than Helmut. In other words, there's […]

Jäger Unit (original and chrome)

My favorite of the Liger Zero armors...in regular, and in chrome. SHINY TEAL.

Gun Sniper (and CP-13 Wild Weasel Unit)

"This velociraptor-type Zoid was born from the partially-analyzed data of the "Organoid System", and got quick wits and vitality far beyond the ordinary. It's an all-rounder sort of design, easily handling everything from logistical support to assault." - Gun Sniper's box, on Gun Sniper "This toy takes the dinosaur concept and gratuitously adds a sniper […]