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New US Release – Tilly's Zoids

Tilly's Zoids

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New US Release

As championed by Hasbro. They did some things wrong (odd distribution and some weird assortments that stuck stores with too many unpopular Zoids) and a lot of things right (some really awesome exclusives, some Japanese limiteds as regular releases). Whatever you think of them, theirs is the only recent non-Japanese release that actually managed to last a good amount of time…and they may well have designed a number of Zoids themselves or alongside Tomy.

Hasbro Action Figures

Near the peak of Hasbro's anime-driven Zoids releases, they made a series of action figure versions of a number of popular Zoids. They were of varying quality, to be sure, but a few of them are interesting—and they're all rather hard to find now, especially with little anime-based pilots and launchable missiles intact. Also of note were the three Supreme Electronic action figures: two Liger Zeros, one an entirely unique recolor (the Midnight Shield), and a Command Wolf AC.

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Leogator (Hasbro Fuzors variant and NJR)

Leogator was one of three designs that were both Blox and motorized. This was a strange concept, considering the entire point of Blox was "static but posable Zoids you can take apart and put back together weird ways", and much of the era's regular motorized designs already integrated Blox to high degrees (see Seismosaurus, Liger […]

Zaber Fang

It's really bright yellow, and someday I'll write it a longer review!

Blade Liger (Hasbro Red)

Hasbro's slightly odd but mostly worthy release of the Leonblade...which never, in any release, is even remotely the same red as Leon's Blade Liger in the anime.

Gordos (OJR and NAR)

Gordos, aka Gordosaur and Great Gorgon, is in my opinion one of the most underrated Zoids. Don't miss its 80s stegosaur action.