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Original EUR Release – Tilly's Zoids

Tilly's Zoids

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Original EUR Release

Unique among non-Japanese releases, the original European version of Zoids got its own unique story and background, as told in a Marvel comic released alongside Spiderman.

The Zoids were piloted by androids (explaining the chrome pilots) and divided into blue Zoids, red mutants, and (later on) Krark’s army and assorted renegades, and while the red/blue divide was obviously based off the Empire/Republic one in the Japanese releases, not all the Zoids followed it, and thus the line sported unique recolors like Krark (a red Salamander), Mammoth the Destroyer (a er…red Mammoth), Gore (a blue Zoids Iron Kong), and Zabre (a blue Zoids Sabre Tiger).

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Zunder / Brox

It's not got a nice butt like Zaton, but Zunder's pretty cute too.

Red Horn The Terrible

It seems I chose my time well. The battlefield below is strewn with the bodies of Blue warriors. No-one remains to stand in my path. No-one but Mammoth! Let the traitor beware! Let him live in fear! For I am Redhorn the Terrible! I am remade, renewed! And my enemies shall be as dust beneath my feet.


The Prince of Darkness. No, not that one. The other one. ...the other OTHER one.


The Octozoid is ancient yet strong...an engine of wrath. But I fought in the Galactic Wars! I flew in the acid blizzards of Wandrafel! I burned the sky industries of the Jehenna! I fought...I survived! And I will...be reviewed...NOW!