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Old Stuff – Tilly's Zoids

Tilly's Zoids

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Old Stuff

The older Zoids lines, including pretty much everything before the 1999 revival backed by the anime.

Original EUR Release

Unique among non-Japanese releases, the original European version of Zoids got its own unique story and background, as told in a Marvel comic released alongside Spiderman. The Zoids were piloted by androids (explaining the chrome pilots) and divided into blue Zoids, red mutants, and (later on) Krark's army and assorted renegades, and while the red/blue divide was obviously based off the Empire/Republic one in the Japanese releases, not all the Zoids followed it, and thus the line sported unique recolors like Krark (a red Salamander), Mammoth the Destroyer (a er...red Mammoth), Gore (a blue Zoids Iron Kong), and Zabre (a blue Zoids Sabre Tiger).

Original JP Release

aka what many fans call the OJR. These Zoids range in date from 1983 to 1990, and were marketed mostly with the battle story, as the anime wouldn't exist until 1999. Being 80s toys, they come complete with nostalgia, better plastic, and nasty prices on eBay. The OJR is the way to go if you want Zoids at their finest in molding quality and don't care about the price...unless you'd prefer a more European take on their story and colors.

Original US Release

It's kinda like the original Japanese release, but with more America and less story. Technically, the US got the name "Zoids" first, though!


Robostrux was the line the US got after the really early stuff, and while some Zoids in it stayed their Japanese colors, a lot didn't—most were split between one of two color schemes, blue and green with red motors/silver chrome guns, and an odd better-than-it-sounds green/red/brown with green motors and gold chrome guns deal.


The Technozoids were a 90s US/Canada Zoids release with some good and some...interesting ideas on color schemes. They varied from quite sensible to "neon orange and sparkle gold totally match!", and pretty much the only one anyone really remembers is Evil Pegasus, because it allows them to like a mecha horse while pointing out it's in very serious, manly colors. Like black and grey.


How can we make Zoids even cooler for a new line of recolored kits? ADD MORE CHROME.

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While Claw is more classy (as far as the bright-colored Zoids2 schemes go), Sabre is probably best described as though the early 90s exploded on a cat. Every frame is a different color, and those colors are chrome lavender (making up the body, and shown as pale blue on the box), black (the legs), slightly […]


The good thing about collecting Zoids2 is not a lot of people like them. The bad thing about collecting Zoids2 is not many people talk about them, so here's a review of one of the best.


Neon green and gold: it's not a tacky Packers cat, it's Claw!

Zunder / Brox

It's not got a nice butt like Zaton, but Zunder's pretty cute too.

Red Horn The Terrible

It seems I chose my time well. The battlefield below is strewn with the bodies of Blue warriors. No-one remains to stand in my path. No-one but Mammoth! Let the traitor beware! Let him live in fear! For I am Redhorn the Terrible! I am remade, renewed! And my enemies shall be as dust beneath my feet.


The Prince of Darkness. No, not that one. The other one. ...the other OTHER one.


The Octozoid is ancient yet strong...an engine of wrath. But I fought in the Galactic Wars! I flew in the acid blizzards of Wandrafel! I burned the sky industries of the Jehenna! I fought...I survived! And I will...be reviewed...NOW!


This supersonic-speed battle machine beast is the Imperial Army's latest weapon. It's capable of vertical takeoff, and boasts high maneuverability. With its extraordinarily strong wings and body, awesome tactics like slicing an enemy clean in half using its Cutter Wing while passing them in an air battle are its specialty. Its nose can bend downwards […]


Original blue flavor.


A cat with laser blades. The first cat, actually. Kingliger did it with style.


22 chrome guns on an ankylosaurus-pancake. Better than it sounds, much better.

Gul Tiger

It's orange, it's yellow, it's got charged particles in a can(non) and office-chair springs for legs!

Gordos (OJR and NAR)

Gordos, aka Gordosaur and Great Gorgon, is in my opinion one of the most underrated Zoids. Don't miss its 80s stegosaur action.


Most of a Dimetrodon, anyway. Another underloved design, you may know it better as Spinefin, or "is that where Dark Spiner got its waving fin idea from?". (P.S.: It's a synapsid, not a dinosaur.)

Battle Cougar (Mostly OJR restored version)

I pulled most of an OJR Battle Cougar out of a lot of beaten up older Zoids. It's missing parts I had to borrow from a Hasbro release, but it's...mostly there.


One of the first three Dark Zoids, the Deadborder is a classic design in black, charcoal, and glowing neon green. Mine's the original OJR deal...at least for some value of "OJR".