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White cat

Mitsy adopts herself. Or: Fluffy white cat, fond of laps, seeks scheming lady.

To What We Once Had

Amy leaves Keith. Drabble, set before canon.

Trade seats?

Blake takes Luke out for drinks four days after the Seismosaurus.

Vowel swap

A double drabble for a typo. Or: All proofreaders will eventually make embarrassing ones themselves.

I thought it'd just need vacuuming

Helmut cleans up after game night—or rather, makes everyone else clean up after game night.

Not my father's son

Wolff breaks a pattern.

New Year's

Helic and Rosa are interrupted. Again. (Innuendo, nothing particularly explicit.)

An ear for plumbing

It's not a question of superhearing—Dhaymin's always had one.

10% Potential

Jack and Leon discuss potential.

"love you" is not a suitable suggestion

Souther doesn't feel, or so he tells himself. Double drabble. (And despite the title, gen.)

For Cross

Cross takes out a bear for the first time as part of Riki's dog-army. Drabble.


Reading by Dark Zoid and by flashlight. Pair of drabbles, Nyx-related gen with original characters.


A Kingliger scouts the Devil's Maze; today is not its lucky day. Drabble.

In the morning, about three or so

Zoidstar is neither pleasant nor restful. One drabble per character, if you please!
Now with better Phil drabble...and words counted by wc.

What about the pterodactyl?

The Torchwood writers have a habit of forgetting about Myfanwy.

Spoilers (or at least implications that'd lead to spoilery conclusions) for Children of Earth.

Stealth teamsfic shoutout

Team Tigers and Team Lightning meet again. The suspense! The excitement! Wait, it's a drabble. It's a hundred words.

Do not take the glasses!

There are only two possible results to being trapped somewhere in the cold. Fiction says so. (Features ferociously obscure characters!)

Instincts (The headblade is so for cockpit shots.)

They're not being grouchy because it turns them on, you know. (Modelverse, no relation to anime Breaker.)

The Zoid-birds in spring

Zoidian-human relations.


Post-rematch, Bit and Vega hang out.

That's not a dotted line...

Bit: the second most oblivious Zoids protagonist.

Get back here with my cookie!

Not that again! Anything but the cookie!

Just to torment Aardy :D

Jamie has a nightmare. (No, not a Knightmare, though that would be awesome.)

Headband Origins

What's with those dangly things, Jack? Go on, tell us.

Heeere Wolfy...

If the Shadow Fox were an overdramatic beast.

Early attempts at Störmer and Elena characterization

Heading off to pilot a Gilvader is not the happiest of affairs.

Double drabble for a wild Liger

Wandering the desert isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Out of Words

Just another day for Harry's robots, the best of friends.

Not again!

The dead man was something different, Turlough would agree.

Coffee table?

One of many uses for a dead Jack.


Owen and Gwen find an oh-so-helpless baby bird.

Evil Cookies

The Master's evil plan is less than successful.