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Trade seats?

Blake takes Luke out for drinks four days after the Seismosaurus.


Mamiya hates birthdays, and Airi attempts to change that.

"Look at it this way, at least you're popular."

Greed finds political RPF fanzines involving (the newly-emperor'd) Ling, and insists he can write better. Lan Fan is not entirely sure.

This part goes here, that one goes there...

The bad guy's defeated, the day is saved, and Blake is left without a rival or a goal while Blue City rebuilds. What's there to do but hang out with his mechanic, killing time?

Making History

Heroes die young, and Van is no exception. One year later, Fiona meets up with an old friend at his grave and discusses the past—and the future.

Evil gardener

After Prozen self-destructs his own Death Saurer, Karl and Rudolph are left alive to wander the streets of the ruined Guylos capital...and encounter the would-be emperor's gardener?

Stealth teamsfic shoutout

Team Tigers and Team Lightning meet again. The suspense! The excitement! Wait, it's a drabble. It's a hundred words.

Do not take the glasses!

There are only two possible results to being trapped somewhere in the cold. Fiction says so. (Features ferociously obscure characters!)

Fluff and Death Saurers?

Elena is restless and goes looking for comfort. Not the setup to what that sounds like.

Shoot me!

This really isn't how Ianto expected to meet Jack's hero.

Six Cats

Two teams of three cats each meet. Not on the battlefield, mind you, in a bar. And no, they don't walk into it (ouch). One-shot.


Post-rematch, Bit and Vega hang out.

His head was bigger on the inside...

The Doctor attempts to convince Jo of the first dimensionally transcendental scientist's fate.

Four, Romana, and a sunny afternoon

The Doctor falls asleep...and tests a play on words.