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Rematch, sans Backdraft

Bit and Stoller have a no-frills rematch, tooth and claw and trunk.

Fluff and Death Saurers?

Elena is restless and goes looking for comfort. Not the setup to what that sounds like.

Six Cats

Two teams of three cats each meet. Not on the battlefield, mind you, in a bar. And no, they don't walk into it (ouch). One-shot.

The Zoid-birds in spring

Zoidian-human relations.


Post-rematch, Bit and Vega hang out.

That's not a dotted line...

Bit: the second most oblivious Zoids protagonist.

Get back here with my cookie!

Not that again! Anything but the cookie!

Just to torment Aardy :D

Jamie has a nightmare. (No, not a Knightmare, though that would be awesome.)

Headband Origins

What's with those dangly things, Jack? Go on, tell us.

Heeere Wolfy...

If the Shadow Fox were an overdramatic beast.

Early attempts at Störmer and Elena characterization

Heading off to pilot a Gilvader is not the happiest of affairs.

Double drabble for a wild Liger

Wandering the desert isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Out of Words

Just another day for Harry's robots, the best of friends.

Not again!

The dead man was something different, Turlough would agree.

Coffee table?

One of many uses for a dead Jack.


Owen and Gwen find an oh-so-helpless baby bird.

Evil Cookies

The Master's evil plan is less than successful.

His head was bigger on the inside...

The Doctor attempts to convince Jo of the first dimensionally transcendental scientist's fate.

Four, Romana, and a sunny afternoon

The Doctor falls asleep...and tests a play on words.

Now look what you did!

The Brigadier is not feeling well. Perhaps he should have left the Doctor's coffee alone.

The Angst of the Daleks

Jack is revived on the game station...and finds he's not alone. Oh, he is very much not alone.