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Redistribution / transformation policy – I Hate Titling Things!

Redistribution / transformation policy

Things that I've seen come up in fannish discussion:

Redistributing my work via e-mail and other more private sharing methods is always okay so long as my name stays attached.

Saving stories/changing their format (ebook files, audiobooks made by text-to-speech converters, etc) for your own use is also always okay. For that matter: if there's anything I can do to make this site more accessible, drop me a line and I'll try my best.

Translations are fine, so long as you link back to a copy of the original fic and make a good faith effort to translate without, say, leaving out or changing hunks of the story (yes, I've seen that happen!).

Please ask before reposting my stuff to archives and other similar public webpages. This doesn't including linking to it/reccing it/bookmarking it/etc, just actually archiving/mirroring the text.

If I someday vanish from the internets along with this website, consider this advance permission to mirror my stuff on fannish archives (so long as I regain control over editing/deleting my stories should I reappear).

Don't make money off my stuff without asking first. Covering printing/server costs doesn't count as making money. Charity donations do count, but odds are good I'll be fine with it if asked—I just want the option to disallow crappy "charities" like Autism $peaks. (Don't give them money. They're awful.)

Feel free to fic my fic, as it were—write or draw things linked to it, use any OCs I have around, etc. You don't need to ask, though a link back is highly appreciated and showing me stuff you did will give me warm fuzzy feelings. Podfic is okay too; though I don't listen to it myself I'd be glad to see it existing anyway. I'd ask for no MSTing/sporking, but the people that tend to do such likely don't care about permission, so~.