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Things I need to write someday – I Hate Titling Things!

Things I need to write someday

Originally hosted on my LJ, but the LJ post editor dislikes me now and I'd rather have it somewhere easier to back up.

Bold stuff is notes on something that's actually...somewhat written.

Comments on any of this are welcome. PM me, e-mail me at pointytilly@gmail.com, whatever you like. They're just closed here, because I like to keep this post tidy.

Fist of the North Star
Hatoful Boyfriend
Silver Fang
Legend of the Galactic Heroes


  • That long post-meteor slightly-jossed-by-Rebirth-Century-but-it-fell-over-so-there THING, where Camford and Stoermer reconnect awkwardly.
    Abandoned. Will attempt to mine for snippets:

    • Hermann tries to cheer up his mom with bugs: WordPress - AO3 - FF.net
    • Stoermer, reflecting on the past and also healing up/getting things done.
  • Speaking of Camford, Zenebas trying to cheer her up after her mum died, possibly with things involving guns. Or at least something involving him being fatherly (in a messed up paranoid ruler way) but distant, and probably oatmeal. Oatmeal is easier to write than guns. A bit of very rubbish draft done.
  • Camford/lady OC. (NSFW) WordPress - AO3
  • Rosa bored in the hospital and getting books from Helic. Interesting books,a nd with horribly dorky notes in them. Needs me to sort out the draft bits and refine them.
  • Rosa returns home. WordPress - AO3
  • Refine that thing with Krueger flying?
  • Reading by Dark Zoid nightlight. WordPress - AO3
  • Kingliger drabble WordPress - AO3
  • Gul Tiger pilot goes Gilvader hunting. WordPress - AO3

  • Rolo/Heller, which now wants a plot and also Krark destroying the Sears Tower. Blame my old love of Picard/Crusher or something. Actually, make that Rolo/Heller/robot!Celeste. And a lot of Phil stuff/backstory, because he got none, and also Shield Tiger. Longer = will probably never finish = WOE.
  • Celeste meeting Heller. More of the dorky theme, except romantic. Bits and pieces of very crap draft. Pacing issues. So many pacing issues.
  • ...Namer backstory too. Perhaps SPORTS geekery this time, with his wife.
  • And drabbles for them. WordPress - AO3
  • Heller/Zoidzilla, to cement my place in fandom hell. Apparently I wrote some draft of this. I should write more.

  • Sequel to Making History. Started out adventure movie spoof with Riese and Fiona, gained plot involving Zoids Eve and a general theme of finding your sense of self/place in life and (more...) gender issues and also Thomas somehow (see: the more gender issues). OH BOY I have an outline.
  • Shorter thing with Riese being happy for reasons entirely unrelated to anything or anyone else. Feeling like a person again, as herself.
  • For that matter, I would like something better handling Thomas. Like, at all. Maybe with BEEK, but definitely with the in my brother's shadow thing and the impact of the non-ruined-by-cuts version of The Devil's Maze? Maybe it can be prequel to the longer thing above and hint at unresolved things while at the same time letting Thomas actually move on/progress a bit.

  • Polta being annoying using a Dark Spiner. Context doesn't matter, just...Polta. Being a dick. With electronic warfare.
  • Jack/Leon, potential, enough said. WordPress - AO3
  • Kirkland/Chris in which Kirkland fails at being sexy. (NSFW) WordPress - AO3 - FF.net

  • Deed being awesome...and not able to find a decent coffee while protecting the city. WHY WON'T YOU BEHAVE, DRAFT
  • GF style two years later plot with returning Alpha and everyone having grown up some. Bits and pieces, an outdated outline...I still really do want to do this, it just needs reworking and me to have more drive :(.
  • Younger Amy leaving Keith. WordPress - AO3 - FF.net
  • Amy/Lillian, BECAUSE I CAN. Start of a draft. Completed one part, but do I want something longer?
  • How Sandra got Mitsy. WordPress - AO3 - FF.net
  • Luke getting to be cool on his own too and/or have more friends. Probably set a bit post-Fuzors, when he has more of a spine growing. Could hang out with other geeks. (Actually, I still think Luke and RD would get along because fail dads and stuff...so maybe Luke needs to hang out with Mach Storm on his own too.)
  • FOR THAT MATTER, younger Luke going from whatever Alpha had him doing to working on his aunt Sandra's team, and the impact that had on him—short? drabble or connected drabbles, with bits and pieces where you can see him starting to build a sense of self/identity more based on piloting and what /he/ likes? Sandra totally stuck up for him and tried to help him have a life outside of heir.
  • Owed drabbles: Gravity crew (for Han), Blake and Burton stuck petsitting (Dratz)

  • NaNo thread about stutters had me wondering if I want to write Allstar as having a bit of one more for-serious. He does stammer a bit when nervous, having it be something he actually has to work at would be unexpected for a heroic shounen lead character type. (Party, of course, gets him anyway. And would try to help. More as friendship setup than anything romantic.) Really rough draft of this...combined with failure at first kiss that's more friendsy so there.


  • Handwavey Greed lives thing...where he's still stuck in Ling's body, and Lan Fan is trying to sort of get along with him before they return to Xing. Have some stuff written I need to clean up, am horribly intimidated by other people doing similar things much better already.
  • Less intimidating related: Lan Fan completely ignoring (or, alternately, commenting on) an argument between them about something silly, and knowing what it's about despite only hearing half. Because this happens.
  • Quick short moment of Lan Fan saying something to Greed about the whole armored thing. Rough draft, needs revision for bodycentric writing/better introd.
  • Greed (and Ling) find and write RPF...of Ling, now the Emperor. WordPress - AO3
  • AU: Roy stays blind because the stone refuses to restore what the Gate took, and has to deal with it. And is awesome anyway. (He's got all his friends, and Havoc would scold the hell out of him if he got too mopey. And then buy him dirty books and try and get Risa to read them, and she'd do so but ruin them with commenary/ridiculous voices.) Best done after watching all of Avatar so I can both reference and avoid ripping off Toph. And after a lot of research.
  • Ling trying to grow plants, and being all "when do they become food ;_;?" over them. I get a lot of gardening ideas, okay?
  • Something with Bradley's wife. Why doesn't she get much attention in fic?
  • Greed(ling) dealing with the mortality of everyone else they care about, probably as a progression of short things.
  • Apparently I wrote some trans fic with Ling but it could do with revising...and should really be a longer story but me, longer stories, ha ha.

Fist of the North Star

  • The sewing thing. WordPress
  • Oh. Great. I got trans issues on it.
    • Shorter version that's more introspectivey WordPress - AO3
    • Longer version that's half an excuse for Rei and Airi getting childhood sibling adventures-type flashbacks like they never did in the show.
    • Aaand a long mess of not-dead AU stuff following on from it. HELP, MY BUNNY ESCAPED.
  • ...and the above somehow overlapped with a dare to write porn and derailed it into gender issues instead. (NSFW) WordPress - AO3
  • Something involving pressure points as kink. I don't know what, but WHY HAVE I NEVER FOUND ANY FIC WITH THAT, especially considering Toki's whole intense pleasure before you die thing and all the possibilities for immobilization/control and—
  • Toki/Shuu that is derailed by interrupting kid Ken (EWW KISSING)
  • "I could go for some Ken/Yuria that's COMPLETELY SAPPY SHOJO STYLE and I'm blaming Sailor Moon. Or just, you know, very real life/ordinary in the middle of how fucked up the world is and despite her whole living on limited time thing."
  • Ken is left taking care of a group of kids when there isn't doom going down. The kids, of course, love him. And draw horribly violent and adorable pictures involving him. Needs ending/final editing pass, ffs self you need to finish this one
  • Fine, Mamiya, you need something more gen too. Like about your birthday. WordPress - A03 - FF.net
  • Shuu gen. Not long after the "fine, take my eyeballs" bit. WordPress - AO3
  • has informed me that I need to write something with Bat's adoptive mom/grandmaperson. Possibly involving when he left—watching him leave and keeping quiet because it's what he wants to do and he'll chicken out if he has to say goodbye?
  • You know what, anything with Rei and Airi as kids. Like an explanation for the falling off the roof thing in the anniversary fic or a chocolate cake incident or...anything with them actually acting more like siblings :p. That is, both annoying the hell out of and supporting each other. And getting into all kinds of trouble.
  • Souther/Shuu, except it's Hatoful Boyfriend's Iwamine Shuu. (NSFW, though it's not actually sexual so much as involves sadism, knives, and death threats) WordPress - AO3
  • Shuu hanging out with Iroh for unexplained crossover reasons. Talking about emperors and oh you used to work for one that went all "I am asshole phoenix imagery maaaaan" on you too? Or before that bit. Because then I can have first season!Zuko get all uptight. What's a crossover and what's the 80s and what do they have to do with his hair? Uncle, this is highly suspicious, no I will not be quiet and drink my tea, LOOK he manipulates air he's got to be an airbender and—I DON'T WANT ANY TEA
  • Yuda versus Rarity, as a comic. (Hint: Rarity wins.) Dialogue. Should work out layouts.
  • Souther TOTALLY not moping about friendship he doesn't need. WordPress - AO3

Hatoful Boyfriend

  • Ryouta getting all flustered trying to help Hiyoko removing stitches (how else are you going to sew a dismembered human back together for mad science?), as it's mighty close to grooming her neck, if you know what I mean.
  • While we're talking birds, Yuuya complaining about how old human porn vids (...and nature shows) are all stuck at such low framerates. It's like watching a slideshow! How can I get into this?
  • ...Anghel getting ahold of Nethack.
  • Anghel and color—drawing in different types of duotone, relating them to him/his life and changes in it, or something artistically pretentious like that. I have some bits of this, and somewhere I put notes?
  • Tumblr made me want trans fic for him too. From the bird perspective (Luzon bleeding-hearts are pretty ambiguous, but he still ends up stress pulling red breast feathers over the supposed size differences, so his mom knits him dramatic sweaters), and him being frustrated/self-doubting because his hallucinogenic/fantasy world self comes out all wrong. It shouldn't! It's his own mind, isn't it?
  • MOAR XENOFICTION in general.

Silver Fang

  • Fuji WordPress - AO3
  • Cross WordPress - AO3
  • Kyoushiro WordPress - AO3
  • Tesshin WordPress - AO3
  • Reika WordPress - AO3
  • Akame ("Akame is ageless to them.")
  • John ("but I can still bite" and his obstinance even into death; he might have regretted parting ways with his friends, but he's always lived as who he was, and he'll die as the same, and they will understand)
  • Jerome (watching over Weed in a more fatherly/mundane way mid-exile?)

Legend of the Galactic Heroes

  • Yang gets used to having a cat as well as a kid around. Or: Yang hanging out and being lazy with a lazy cat, as it grows from tiny to huge ball of fluff. NEW BEST FRIENDS. Rough draft bits that need expanding from more outline style writing.
  • Oberstein tries to be normal at a dog park. Or at least relax. It doesn't work very well. Half a draft.
  • Not-dead Oberstein, having failed at dying dramatically, has to figure out how to live more ordinarylike. tl;dr recovery and internalized shit re: disability issues, I got them all over the place. It was supposed to be a short fic and it became longer and now it has an outline SEND HELP. Parts of draft, a TON of mess I really need to sort out.
  • There is no Reuenthal/Mittermeyer fic much at all in English, and I want some that actually remembers Eva exists to exist extra? But all I got so far was something that went from dirty to more depressing than anything, though I suppose that's appropriate.
  • If I do the obligatory "hey what if Kircheis were alive", it will be more with him and Hilde being friends and OT3 than slash with her forgotten, because I'm grumpy.
  • Annerose baking stuff as a hobby (she is so a baking geek) or else her using it as something ordinary/from home/coping mechanism back when she was stuck with the old Kaiser, baking and hanging out with the kitchen staff and such where she could get away with it. You know, getting to talk to people and have hobbies and so on and not just angst.


  • Doctor Who: Jackie remembering the dinosaurs in London. ("That was YOU, wasn't it?") WHAT, I lost my draft other than some notes :(. Redo as drabble.
  • Doctor Who: I wrote something with Ace and the cheetah planet that could probably become a drabble or double drabble. See if it's any good.
  • Turlough running into Tegan on Earth a while after she left, on account of somehow having stuffed up with some sort of time travel that is not defined properly. He says hello, claiming it's entirely to mooch. Right, Turlough. So old I should redo it.
  • Star Trek: Spock and Uhura reading language books together and writing in the margins in Vulcan. Kirk tries to get in on this and/or make goofy comments when he somehow gets ahold of the book, but fails at writing Vulcan. Which they politely correct, and he sulks. Could be entirely from his POV with him trying to translate the notes, would make for some nice "reading language you only partially grok argh where's the dictionary" issues. Not speaking from experience or anything.
  • Macross Frontier: Something involving half poly relationship with the love-triangle-that-wasn't, and complex human-Vajra interactiony learning to communicate...things. Plus technology impact and other serious things. Yes, things. THINGS, I SAY.
  • Macross Frontier: Anything with either just Bobby, or Bobby and Cathy and Ozma. No, not as a threesome. As friends.
  • GaoGaiGar: I want fic with Guy adapting to being human rather than cyborg again. That isn't just um, the obvious results of that combined with girlfriend. That or the trying to deal with the obvious results of girlfriend while still a cyborg instead :p.
  • Nethack: A rather annoyed foocubus. No, not a succubus or incubus. WordPress - AO3
  • Sailor Moon: And from the files of "way too much canon and research required but I want it to exist anyway", something playing with both the all Sailor Soldiers = women thing and the series' obsession with (pre)destiny: youngish trans lady still working out identity issues, who would be torn between "haha, the universe validates my identity, take that, world" and feeling forced into things before they were ready, both on the identity front and the whole...fighting to save the universe deal. ACTUALLY now this wants to involve Seiya and OT3 things. What have you done, plotbunnies?
  • Finding Nemo: Post-movie, certain aspects of clownfish biology happen. Nemo is unfazed, Dory is Dory. ("Hey, can I do that too?" "Dory, you already are a girl!")
  • re: titles, "A Slightly Awkward Affair sounds like it's Man From UNCLE porn." I need to write something for it titled that, though probably not porn.
  • ...so how about something with Vesin. WordPress - AO3
  • Except now apparently I have to stop writing joke autocorrect Dhaymin/Vesin porn and actually write some?