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Reversal – I Hate Titling Things!


  • Series: Zoids (Fuzors)
  • Genre: Introspection, angst(?)
  • Tagged:
    Originally posted: January 29, 2009

  • Notes: Another reaaally old drabble of mine!

I'm sick of it.

Sick of being nothing but a "Fuzor partner" for a Zoid that can't fight properly on its own. It should be able to.

Ever since he figured out that little combining secret, that's all I ever do.

And he gets all the credit, not me. Nope.

Increased power, more Zells...I don't care, I want out.

I want to be a wild Zoid again...but they'd catch me. I know they would. Maybe if I squish them both.

Stupid Dark Spiner.

You thought I was the Fire Phoenix, didn't you? Go away. I hate you too.

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