That darn technique

Rei felt compelled to apologize, half from the little voice in his head that he suspected was the rebirth of a conscience (currently, it was feeling more than a bit guilty). The other half was from Kenshiro staring at him in that unsettling way Kenshiro had of staring at people he wanted to compel to do things before he might have to intervene and make them do things.

Words were difficult in this sort of situation, so he started by apologizing for the jacket.

He hadn't expected Mamiya's reaction. Mainly, shoving her ex-clothes in his face, still in the pieces his fingers had finely shredded.

"If you're sorry, you can fix them."

Rei frowned and examined his own handiwork as held in her hands. "I can't sew." He thought back to the time his sister had tried to teach him and suppressed a shudder, thankful the terror of the incident kept angstier thoughts at bay. "Not competently, anyway."

"Well, neither can I. Wait, no, I suppose you'll tell me it's women's work and that makes me a man by your logic."

Mamiya looked quite peeved. He hadn't been about to say such. Not really. Okay, maybe. He would have to work on that. Rei struggled for a more neutral response, and then said: "No. It makes you terrible at sewing."

By the time Kenshiro arrived to break up their argument, it had gotten rather ridiculous, and Kenshiro had to stop attempts to place fingers and sewing needles places they weren't meant to be placed by getting in between them. He didn't say they were acting like idiots, but the particularly disappointed flavor of stoic scowl on his face told Rei he was thinking it.

"Give that to me," he said, and the coat was handed over. It wasn't worth questioning Kenshiro some times, and this was one of them. He took the garment, the needle, and the thread, and in a seamless series of dexterous arm movements and a few interesting vocalizations, had it completely reassembled.

Rei and Mamiya both blinked (though only Mamiya took the jacket back, on account of it being hers).

"Hokuto Shinken is a practical art as well," Ken explained. "It includes a number of survival techniques, some of which are useful, but not imposing. We do not discuss the Thread and Needle of the Divine Tailor very often as a result."

Rei opened his mouth, and then closed it, deciding he didn't want to discuss it either.

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