Four, Romana, and a sunny afternoon

He'd fallen asleep—in an Earth restaurant, of all things.

In his defense, he was outdoors on a warm sunny day, and he'd just successfully saved the planet again. Head underneath his hat, chair tilted back, it had been all too easy for the Doctor to slip into that state of mind unnoticed—though didn't sleep always come that way?—and Romana with him. The pair of them stayed blissfully unaware of the impossible angles their chairs had achieved in the meantime, on two legs each and backs neatly overlapped at one edge. Had he been more awake or more willing to pay the locals any mind, he might have heard the whispered bets as to how long before the man with the scarf and the pretty girl ended up on the floor.

He shouldn't have been surprised when his realizing its existence brought the chairs' delicate balance tumbling down. People stared, a dog barked, and money changed hands. He ignored it all, more concerned with how Romana had managed to avoid falling. She peered down at him (all lanky man and scarf tangled with chair) with the distinct air of a woman trying not to laugh.

"Are you all right?" She'd snickered there, just a little. Of all the cheek...

"Perfectly fine," the Doctor harumphed, standing himself up and dusting off his scarf. "I was merely testing...ah, the practical applications of a theory related to a play on words."

"And that would be?" Romana couldn't stop herself from laughing, now, as the Doctor picked up his hat and found it crushed, no doubt under a wayward elbow.

He frowned. "Why, Romana, I would think you'd have guessed. Whether if, since it is so often said that people 'fall asleep', if it is possible to also 'fall awake'. I've proved it quite successfully, don't you think?"

"If it's possible, then you're impossible," she scolded, taking the hat from him and prodding it back into shape as she stood to leave. "Shall we be going? Somehow I think the locals are a bit less impressed than I am."

"And how impressed would you be?" the Doctor asked, Romana simply smiling and handing him the hat as they headed back into the city, both seeming to disappear amid the afternoon crowd.

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