Do not take the glasses!

The Panzer was still offline, and it was undeniably cold. Banding together for warmth had been entirely logical, but Winner wanted it to be a bit more comfortable. He shifted, tried not to lean on Verditer or the snow-soaked coats they'd wedged in the seam where Liger face met cheek.

Two uptight guys in one Zoid's head was no good.

"You know how people trapped like this ends," he said, then worried as seconds went by and Verditer didn't raise to the bait. Losing body heat and humor, that wasn't good.

So he tried something more blunt. More annoying. He reached over, hooked the earpiece of Verditer's glasses, and quickly eased them off his head. "It'll be funnier if they find us frozen naked."

"Give those back, or I'll make you walk home."

"I outrank you, that's got to be some kind of insubordination. And it's my Zoid's head." Winner relaxed, glad to hear his friend talking and breathing properly again. He didn't return the glasses, instead dangling them just out of reach in the cramped knees-folded world of the Zero's face. Verditer twisted round, squinted:

"When we turn to cannibalism, how would you like to be cooked?"

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  1. raykong
    Posted July 28, 2011 at 6:17 am | Permalink

    Haha this one amuses me. You write shorts really well, putting characters in WTF situations that other fics don't really take into consideration XD

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