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Instincts (The headblade is so for cockpit shots.) – I Hate Titling Things!

Instincts (The headblade is so for cockpit shots.)

  • Series: Zoids (battle story)
  • Genre: Gen
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    Originally posted: March 5, 2009

  • Notes: I imagine the animal instinct + AI brain mishmash would be...confusing. More overdramatic Zoid viewpoint. Thanks to 9TailedFox for the retitling suggestion.

Fact sheets teach the Geno Breaker is reserved for the finest ace pilots, that we're a difficult breed to control—the sort that stares the lion in the eye before ripping off its face. Either it's merciless ferocity or the finest Empire engineering, depends which side you ask.

You've given me intelligent thought, but what would you ask a carnivore to do when it no longer eats, when the memory of its blood still boils with the will to survive? You have given me territory, told me it must be defended. The Liger has come to take it, nothing more.

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