I thought it'd just need vacuuming

  • Series: Zoids (Fuzors)
  • Character(s): Mach Storm in general
  • Genre: Humor
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    Originally posted: January 18, 2013
  • Also posted on: AO3, FF.net

  • Notes: Adlas requested Mach Storm + screwing around with video games. I decided they'd have a bunch of older and hopelessly out of date consoles because someone collected them, so game night would involve a lot of taking apart all of the fancy window/wall/TV thing hookups and attaching adapters everywhere and leaving Hop confused by the reassembly later. This is the aftermath.

There were cables of every console type tangled across every surface of the meeting room. One even circled round Mitsy and the fishtank, leaving her suspended against the glass and batting at inaccessible tangs.

"It was RD." "Nuh uh, Sigma's fault." "I say it's Sweet's." "Totally Matt."

Helmut tapped his foot.

"...RD started it," the others agreed.

"It was so Sigma!" RD said, pouting.

"I'll be back in ten minutes, and this room will be clean. No buts."

The last Helmut heard was a whispered "Yeah, and I still kicked yours!" from RD, and the sound of another thrown controller.

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