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Get back here with my cookie! – I Hate Titling Things!

Get back here with my cookie!

'Twas familiar, or rather too familiar: requests to return baked goods, Bit Cloud, or face destruction.

Unusually, however, Leena (an intrepid claimer of food-that-wasn't-hers, by Bit's reckoning) had cornered him behind the couch.

"Look, see!? Yours was peanut butter, mine was M&Ms!" He waved the cookie in the air, colored chocolate pieces a bright offering of peace.

"Oh, oops." Leena looked first sheepish, then devious as she realized the error in Bit's defense. A quick lunge, some vaulting over cushions—"I'll take it anyway!"

Bit paused a moment, then gave chase. "Leeeena, GIMME BACK MY COOKIE!"


The first time Jamie woke to shouting, he didn't think much of it. Not the second, either. But when the third morning dawned with the same refrain:


He began to suspect something was wrong. An investigation using reprogrammed battle analysis software confirmed his impossible fears: a time loop. And it was drawing tighter, becoming instinct, becoming normal.

He would be the only one that would remember tomorrow, the only one that could break the pattern. If it didn't break him...

Steal Leena's food, save the world. It sounded so easy in theory.

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