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Early attempts at Störmer and Elena characterization – I Hate Titling Things!

Early attempts at Störmer and Elena characterization

I got Störmer's loyalty by existing, but earned it by listening. Silence is lonely without someone to share it, and he found me and I found him. It's that same loyalty that left him following Guylos, but I'm not sure of all that drives him these days. I don't think he is either. He hates the Republic and Guylos, hates my father just as much for running the Empire to the ground. Does he have anyone left but me, and do I still have him?

I miss the quiet conversations, feeling like the only one he would waste words on.


There's no point in trying to change what won't change, what can't change. It's something I think my father would have told me, but I've learned it well alone with Zenebas in his place. We're more alike than I'd have thought. More than I'd have wanted? He chased power to his death, I'm doing the same under another banner. The only difference? I want it for myself, to chase my own fate and not someone else's. They're in the way, he's in the way...and she's in the way with me.

It's time to see which of us will die.

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