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Dhaymin and Vesin need to have another point adventure well that should have had said SEEEEX – I Hate Titling Things!

Dhaymin and Vesin need to have another point adventure well that should have had said SEEEEX

Time to try SwiftKey again. oh sweet merciful lord what am I doing.

It tries to predict sentence patterns. You know what that means...Dhaymin and Vesin need to have another point adventure.

It took it a while to come up with porn. Ruin my dirty mind, will you, SwiftKey.

One day, Dhaymin and Vesin were watching game shows while entirely naked.

"Wow, it's actually predicting some things that sound worse than what we were already doing, said Dhaymin, already annoyed at the dodgypunctuatik. Whoops.

"Maybe we will actually get to do something moreexplcict than 'and then they has sex'. " Vesin, who was most certainly not a vest, had been a little bit frustrated about that state of affairs. She also was finding the autocomplete a little bit creepy, given it kept saying words like "want", and there were very much things she wanted right now.

"I could grope you some, in the sexy sort of way, and then we could go all the way in trusting this thing's judgment to bring you the best way to get the best way to get the... my, and I am a beautiful person?" Dhaymin frowned in the way a man with no eyes can frown, which is a lot like aregular frown, it just doesn't involve eyes. "I didn't saythat. Itwas the autocomplete."

"Well, it's true, said Vesin, "You're pretty hands... oh, it suggested hard. I wasn't even going to mention that. " Dhaymin was the first time in the shoulders... the shoulders? What sort of suggestion was that? Especially when this was hard... harder... HARDLY a first time in the shoulders. "It's obsessed with your shoulders, dear," shefinishec.

"Other things would be a lot more desirable."

Wow, it's actually predicting some things that sound worse than the intended recipient, Vesin said, then was quite disappointed how that sentence repeated itself. So she took matters (or tools, as first suggested) into her own questing hand. "will it let me say that I have a great day. Day? I have a great COCK. Not a cocktail, either. "

"in moreways than one. "

" You are receiving this email address. and by email and receiving, I mean roll over and over again... my gut's more flat, even a little round WHAT is this sentence, autocomplete? "

Dhaymin tried very hard not to laugh, butdespite thesuggestion feature did not object to a bit of bending over, both to reach ascertain box under the bed and breakfast... and for other purposes.

If you know what I mean, and I bet SwiftKey does. It's all your fault it will know words like this.

"I told you that you would miss mine, " Vesin said, fiddling with hardware with the latest... Dhaymin. Well, not the latest Dhaymin, I'm not sure where that came from, but she had one hand on each set of junk and it was one hand too few. Luckily, Dhaymin had spare (hands, not PENISES) , so it didn't take long before neither of them were terribly concerned with fighting the autocomplete or their respective overflowing desire-type things.

So they surrendered to their respective owners. All rights reserved. All rights reserved for the first time in the shoulders.

And by shoulders, dear readers, we mean they had wild button dammit butter butterflies okay this doesn't know WILD BUTTSEX does it. well, it does now. and they did it on the poor couch., not the Internet, autocomplete. With the gameshow watching. and then the infomercials.

They didn't listen to one word, not even the one with the latest vacuum cleaner that could suck really really well, because they were having a good time to time.


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