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Dhaymin’s amazing s adventure – I Hate Titling Things!

Dhaymin's amazing s adventure

dhaymin was not having a very god day. For one, hr felt like he was played by types, never mind that was something neither his parents not the fourth wall would approve if.

"fucking autocorrect," he swore, surprised he'd found thoses press. Our those ew words.

"so the autocorrect is beyer off than us, I take it?"

...it was hits good friend..............vesin@! Whi want much like silhouette...er,, surefire...oh fuck out, the old wizard who want canals. Oh, he gave up.

"vesin, what are you doing here?"

"bott you, logs like. I'm spoonful this would ends erl."

""this isn't much if an adventure, " dhaymin agreed, and was glass this was happening to someone else. "i bet I wouldn't even fund mt own are if I tried." He threw his hans u in the air in sequestration. "see?"

"w could hunt misters, see if we could opinion any god riess." Dhaymin rather suspected vesin was making rude gestures to, but even if he could have seen them..."bugger it Ask," she finished.

"well, we might as week, since its impossible to do much else," dhaymin said, his ch anne if mind regarding his mid coral s safety perhaps explained by it being very hard to type while threw barry is charging.

"i aipse I could give you a sexy caleb if you pull something," she said, "anas pointed at his back to make up for the a autocorrect. " burt I easily hope it can manage ' cock.'"

"indeed it can," dhaymin said, grinning sicily. "duo we ned any other words?"

"guess not," she said, and happily roll hold of hits. Because magically, dhaymin was conveniently naked, presumably because their previous z sexy undressing just hasn't ben mentored.

And then they has sex.

The end.

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