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Silver Fang – I Hate Titling Things!

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aka Ginga Nagareboshi Gin or Hopeanuoli, aka that 80s comic/anime involving dogs taking on a giant evil bear and his bear-minions. Also Legend Weed/Densetsu Weed, its sequel.

For Reika

Reika is a pet dog among fighters, but her heart is as strong as any of them.

For Tesshin

Tesshin visits his mother, as good sons do.

For Kyoushiro

Kyoushiro reminds Weed why he sticks with him, even after Jerome.

For Cross

Cross takes out a bear for the first time as part of Riki's dog-army. Drabble.

For Fuji

Second-person short of Fuji's thoughts set after the (anime) Silver Fang ending.