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Not my father's son

Wolff breaks a pattern.

New Year's

Helic and Rosa are interrupted. Again. (Innuendo, nothing particularly explicit.)

Water strider

Kid Hermann tries to cheer his mother up as she tries to deal with post-meteor issues.

Gilvader hunting

A Nyx native goes Gilvader hunting, which isn't as fun as it sounds.


Reading by Dark Zoid and by flashlight. Pair of drabbles, Nyx-related gen with original characters.


A Kingliger scouts the Devil's Maze; today is not its lucky day. Drabble.

Coming Home

Post-meteor and post Helic's death, Rosa returns home.

Evil gardener

After Prozen self-destructs his own Death Saurer, Karl and Rudolph are left alive to wander the streets of the ruined Guylos capital...and encounter the would-be emperor's gardener?

Do not take the glasses!

There are only two possible results to being trapped somewhere in the cold. Fiction says so. (Features ferociously obscure characters!)

That explains the pants.

Before the Gunbluster's introduction, things weren't looking so hot for the Republic forces that landed on Nyx. Shuu, cut off from the others, takes time out for a ramble.

Fluff and Death Saurers?

Elena is restless and goes looking for comfort. Not the setup to what that sounds like.

Instincts (The headblade is so for cockpit shots.)

They're not being grouchy because it turns them on, you know. (Modelverse, no relation to anime Breaker.)

The Zoid-birds in spring

Zoidian-human relations.

Early attempts at Störmer and Elena characterization

Heading off to pilot a Gilvader is not the happiest of affairs.

Double drabble for a wild Liger

Wandering the desert isn't all it's cracked up to be.