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I don’t like deleting my old writing entirely, so it lives on here.

PSZAROD Chapter 5: A Parting of Ways! The Wind, the Clouds, and a Disgruntled Shadow Fox

Last time on Zoids/Zero, I saved the day. Sort of. And then Vega showed up with his umlaut-y Zoid, which certainly has made for an interesting challenge. Bit's got a new armor, but can it help him defeat the Fury, and will Shineryuu and I fix the Command Wolf of DOOM! in time to help?

PSZAROD Chapter 4: Dragon Revived! Zero Flauschig!

Last time on Zoids/Zero, we fought Team Tigers. Again. And I got my leg chopped off. Again. Shineryuu can apparently bake cookies, and Bit keeps running away from Rinon screaming. Then again, that's nothing new. This is boring. Get to the episode, already!

PSZAROD Chapter 3: Romance and Neon-Yellow Saber Tigers! Run, Bit!

Last time on Zoids New Century SLASH Zero (ooh, dramatic, isn't it?), there was another important battle thing. I hardly got to do anything, as usual, until this strange organoid came along...and now this equally strange pilot's joined our team? All these strange things happening at once...

PSZAROD Chapter 2: Clash! Team Blitz vs. The Command Wolf of DOOM!

Last time on Zoids/Zero, Bit and I defeated Team KawaiiSugoiNeko! They had Liger Zero Xs, but they were no match for me in the Schneider armor! I have the feeling something important's going to happen sometime soon...perhaps another battle? Well, of course there'll be another battle. But I mean a big, important-y one.

PSZAROD Chapter 1: Electric Pointy-Cat Battle! The Mysterious Figure in the Shadows!

Last time on Zoids/Zero, important stuff happened! Bit and Liger Zero beat Vega and the Berserk Fury and saved the day! Then again, Liger Zero always saves the day! Bah, all those fancy armors and all that junk about being an Ultimate X, and he gets all the attention! What about me? What about the Shadow Fox, huh? What do you mean I was supposed to stick to the episode summary? You didn't say I had to.

Deus Ex Machina (aka The Medieval High School Fic)

Wow, the Zoids characters have magically become high school students! And been transported to medieval times! Wait, both at once? Something's not right, here. Something sinister. Something EVIL!

Not Quite Dead Yet

Hiltz is brought back to life. But what if he doesn't want to be a cheesy plot device villian, and would rather just relax? Oh, yeah, like the Guardian Force isn't going to try and do something about this...if they can stop arguing, anyway.

A Fic With the Word "Bored" in it Too Many Times

Shadow's extremely boring day.


Not all the Zoids are happy about combining with their mecha buddies.

On Laundry Day

Everyone has to start somewhere...an early drabble of mine featuring Team Blitz.