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I Hate Titling Things!


Hi, I'm Tilly, and this is where I put my finished writing. (The title is what happens when a fresh WordPress install demands one of me at four in the morning...and also accurate.)

Things are sorted by series in the menu at the left. If you'd rather browse by tags like character or genre, I have a tags list page too. The Snippets category holds more unfinished but readable things for all fandoms. I don't do ratings so much as content descriptions/advisories, though I mark if things are NSFW and/or adult.

Comments are welcome! I tend to be slow about replies, but I'll try to get back to you if you have questions! Also feel free to throw cluebricks my way if I've done something faily or hurtful. If you comment here and it doesn't appear, it's probably the spam filter—don't worry, I can still see it, and I'll despam it once I do.

If you're looking to be updated when I add new things, you can follow my new posts feed in your feed reader of choice. If you're on LJ, you can also watch it on your friends page. I also tend to announce things there and on Tumblr.